Popular Stretch Mark Home Remedies

Many websites on the Internet are filled with advice for preventing stretch marks from occurring in the first place. Other sites are vying for visitors in an effort to sell remedies once the prevention did not work out so well. Yet how often do you talk to someone who has tried all the creams, lotions, and exfoliating scrubs and rubs only to come to the conclusion that the money spent would have been better applied elsewhere. Thus, it is not surprising that many a woman has been bothered not only by her stretch marks but also by the fleecing that is taking place when trying to get rid of them.

To this end, many have discovered home remedies for stretch marks that might not completely erase them, but at least make them look oh so much better!

  • Take for example the stick of cocoa butter. How often have you gone to your beauty supply store to purchase creams and lotions that contained cocoa butter to varying degrees? Some contain small traces, while other formulas are built around the ingredient in their entireties. Yet have you ever considered using that stick of cocoa butter which contains nothing else to see if your stretch marks will respond well to it? There are those who are grateful for that moment of insight that has driven them to go straight to the source from which so many different beauty formulas derive, and to buy that stick of straight coca butter to see their stretch marks diminish.
  • The more adventurous souls have taken to mixing together coca butter, liquid vitamin A and E, and also Aloe Vera. Generally speaking, a cup of Aloe Vera mixed with one cup of coca butter, and fortified with the content of 10 capsules of Vitamin A and 20 of Vitamin E is known to work wonders on the thighs of many.
  • Another recipe calls for the mix of half a cup of cod liver oil, half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, and the content of 10 vitamin E capsules. If you can stand the smell of the cod liver oil, this remedy is said to work wonders!
  • Other home remedies rely on the more exotic oils, such as mink, ostrich and even alligator fat! It is anyones guess if it is the exotic oil that works or the fact that it is helping the skin to stay supple. Vegetarians in particular refuse to go this route, and thus will rely on highest quality olive oil and rub it into the skin repeatedly.

Whatever you choose to try, remember that you will not be able to undo the damage already done to your skin. At this point in time your only option is to minimize the visible after effects of the tearing dermis. Granted, there are a number of commercial creams available which claim to work wonders on existing stretch marks, and the odds are good that some of them will really do a great job but why spend $35 or more per month for these creams when a stick of cocoa butter is less than $2.50 and will last you just as long?