Polarity Therapy for Stress Management

Many people are surprised to learn that the day to day happenings, the thoughts and feelings that they have that cause tension and anxiety are not actually stress, they are stressors. Stress is actually the reaction to these stressors, and in itself is not harmful, in fact it is something that the body does naturally when there is a threat.

Stress has both physical and emotional effects and can create positive or negative feelings. Stress interferes with the body’s natural flow of energy and has different effects on different people, this is why taking a holistic approach to stress management is most beneficial since stress affects different systems of the body as well as emotions and even behavior.

East and West Fusion

Polarity Therapy is a natural method of health care based on the human energy field. Dr Randolph Stone who was a practitioner of naturopathy, osteopathy and chiropractic medicine developed it. After researching and practicing both Eastern and Western philosophies and approaches to health and well being he concluded that the human energy field is vital to overall health and is affected by environmental factors, past events, relationships, touch, sound and attitudes.

Blocked currents and disharmony within the bodys energy field result in tension, illness, disease and pain. Polarity therapy works to free trapped energy and balance the energy in and around the body for optimal health and well being on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

This free and uninterrupted flow of life energy is similar to the concepts of chi in Traditional Chinese medicine and prana in Ayurveda, which is said to move in currents between a positive and negative pole. The head and right side of the body represent the positive pole and the feet and left side the negative pole. The center of the body, along the spinal cord, is neutral.

What is a Session Like?

A practitioner of polarity therapy will take an assessment of you to include your medical history and lifestyle. A session will typically last between one hour and an hour and one half. The protocols followed vary a greatly. They depend upon the practitioner’s assessment, and on the pace of the client’s healing process.

Bodywork, or touch therapy is often used. The practitioner may use different levels of touch from moving the hands around the body without touching to using a firm touch which includes deep tissue manipulation to locate and release blocked energy. The effects of Polarity are cumulative, and it may be necessary to arrange for a series of sessions.

The number and amount of time for which sessions are performed depends on individual need. The results of a Polarity session can bring a sense of deep relaxation, relief from specific symptoms, clarity, or new insight. Emotional outbursts of anger or grief may occur as attitudes, and beliefs are changed from within and tensions that have been harbored as trapped energy are being released.

Polarity therapy claims to work on many different levels, influencing the nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and gynecological and digestive systems, as well as mental and emotional health and spiritual well being.