Sports Injury Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for sports injuries is different from heading to the doctor in an attempt to receive treatment for an injury. While a doctor may be the best place to start when you initially experience a sports injury, you should not be surprised if the doctor strongly suggests that you seek out some physical therapy if your sports injury does not respond to the treatments or medications your doctor prescribes.

You may even find that while your doctor dishes out medications in attempt to mask the pain from your injury, a physical therapist may get to the root of the issue and may even be able to eventually get you off pain medication entirely.

Athletic Specialists

Injuries resulting from sports are best treated by physical therapists that are trained in serving the unique needs of athletes. Even if you are far from a professional athlete, if the injury resulted from sporting activities you may want to seek out assistance from a specialist.

Physical therapists in this field of specialization will be familiar with what needs to be done in order for patients to recover fully from various sports injuries. Your recovery time may be much shorter with a sports physical therapist than it would be with another therapist, although most physical therapists will be able to help you.


Before booking an appointment with a sports physical therapist be sure to check with your health insurance company to find out if you first need to receive a referral from your primary physician. You should not assume that your insurance company will eagerly pick up the tab for your physical therapy if you have not first consulted with you regular doctor.

Some insurance policies wont even cover any portion of the costs related to physical therapy, even if the primary physician deems it necessary. For this reason, you may wind up paying for physical therapy for your sports injury out of your own pocket. Dont allow this to deter you, though.

Some physical therapists will charge reduced prices to customers who pay cash instead of routing payment through an insurance company. The relief from your injury that you may receive through a physical therapist may be worth the expense.

Getting Involved

Physical therapy for sports injuries is not nearly as passive as a traditional appointment would be with a doctor. Youll find yourself actively involved in exercises, stretches, and plenty of other interesting positions. Physical therapy can be painful too, especially if your sports injury involves a part of your body which needs to be built back up to the proper stamina.

Although your initial appointments with a sports physical therapist may be far from pleasant, if you want to recover fully from your pain then this may be the very best route to explore. Instead of spending the rest of your life with limited mobility, or with a perpetual prescription to pain medications, consider a physical therapist. You may be able to get back to your full athletic potential with the help of the physical therapist.