Penile Implant Types

Male sexual impotence is a chronic condition that can be difficult to treat. Because it is a chronic condition, most treatment options are only capable of operating as a “quick fix.” One treatment for male sexual dysfunction that can provide lasting effectiveness is penile implants. What exactly are penile implants, and how do they work? Here is a brief overview of penile implants and how they work.

Some health professionals have referred to penile implants as the only long-lasting solution to the nagging, chronic problem of sexual impotence. As the name implies, a penile implant is a device that is implanted in the penis to allow the user to achieve and sustain an erection during the course of a sexual encounter. A penile implant is completely concealed once it has been inserted into the penis. In most cases, a valve pump is implanted in the scrotum that helps control the movement of the erection.

Three Types

There are currently three basic kinds of penile implants. The first is known as the semi-rigid implant. Sometimes it is referred to as a malleable implant. The second is known as the two-piece inflatable implant, and the third is the three-piece inflatable implant. How is the penile implant used to achieve and sustain an erection?

In the case of the three-piece inflatable implant, the user must simply squeeze gently the valve pump that is concealed in the area of the scrotum. Once the valve pump has been activated, the penis automatically becomes erect. In order to end an erection, the user must simply deactivate the erection by pressing on the area of the pump that is responsible for deflation.

Safe and Unnoticeable

How does a man go about deciding if a penile implant is right for his particular situation? Many men feel anxious about the procedure because they view it as extreme. However, doctors who perform penile implants liken it to wearing a watch. The penile implant is not noticeable, and its use is completely controlled by the user. To determine if a penile implant is right for you, you must take inventory of your particular circumstances.

First, consider what kinds of treatment you have used for your bouts with sexual impotence. If you feel you have exhausted every treatment option, you may want to consider a penile implant. Another important consideration is your physical and mental health. Are you fit enough for regular sexual activity, and to undergo the implant procedure?

Another very important consideration is to think of your partner’s thoughts on the matter of a penile implant. How does your partner think about the idea of a penile implant? If you are in a committed relationship, it is best if both partners speak with the health professional about the procedure and what to expect after the impact.


Take into account the risks of getting a penile implants. Any surgery carries a set of risks. Also, there exists the risk of possible mechanical failure of the penile implant, although this is very rare. Another risk is the possibility of post-operative infection. Any time a foreign object is placed in the body, there always exists the possibility of infection. Although these complications are rare, they must be considered seriously before making the commitment to getting a penile implant.