Pectoral Implants

Cosmetic surgery is not only popular among women who want to change their body shape, but also with men. If you are a man who is not happy with the shape of your body, you can look into a pectoral implant to change the chest area. Before deciding to get a pectoral implant, you should first understand the procedures behind the surgery to see if the results will be right for you.

The main purpose of a pectoral implant is to allow the chest to look bulkier and show more muscle. While they do not improve the muscle tone and definition, it can make a man look bigger in the overall form of the chest. If you are finding that you do not get the results you want from exercise and lifting weights because of your body shape, you can use this to help manipulate how your chest area looks.


When you decide to get a pectoral implant as cosmetic surgery, you will first go to speak with your doctor about the procedure as well as your medical history. They will be required to do a medical examination to make sure there will be no complications during the surgery. Once you have decided if you want to have the surgery, then the doctor can schedule a surgery day. Usually, a surgery will only last for one or two hours and you will be able to go home the same day.


On the day of surgery, you will be put under anesthesia so no pain will be part of the procedure. An incision is then made into the armpit area of your body. The doctors will take an implant and insert it into the incision and below the pectoral muscle. This will automatically cause your chest area to rise. They will then stitch the area where they made the incision to complete the surgery.

To make sure the implant doesnt move, doctors will put gauze over your chest area. These will usually be kept on for at least three or four days afterwards. It can be expected that your chest area will be sore for a few days after the surgery and that it will be hard to get back to normal work for a couple of weeks because of the soreness.

Know the Risks

Before deciding to get a pectoral implant, you should make sure that you know about the complications. There are times when this surgery can cause an infection because of the incision and implant that is made. Implants can also be displaced after the surgery by slipping. You may also feel numb for a couple of days in the chest area. However, these types of complications are usually rare.

If you want to add a different shape to your chest area, then you can consider cosmetic surgery for a pectoral implant. This will allow you to create a new figure in your chest that will add more bulk and shape. While it does not add muscle tone or definition, it can allow you to have a different look with your figure.