Pain Periodization Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding periodization is a very popular phenomenon. There are many kinds of periodization that make bodybuilding more enjoyable and more effective. Of the kinds, the most popular ones are the good old linear school periodization, Russian waved periodization and conjugate periodization.

One of the newest and coolest kinds of bodybuilding periodization is pain periodization. Many individuals think many things about this kind of bodybuilding, but all you need to do is to read on in order to know about this bodybuilding routine.

No Pain…

There are certain bodybuilding exercises that all of us know are very important. However, lets face it, folks, there are many bodybuilding practices that we know are crucial but we are too lazy to do them.

For example, all of us know that skull crashers are a necessity but then, we hate the harsh exercises. But then, considering how important these exercises are, there is one answer – bodybuilding periodization in the form of pain periodization.

Through this method, you can master all those difficult exercises that form a crucial part of the bodybuilding regime and that too, without all the pain. There are many people who do start off with the exercises but are unable to continue them because they are very painful and demanding.

Workout Rotation

Bodybuilding periodization is a great way to continue these exercises and pace them out in a certain way so that they do not result in the enormous amount of pain that is usually there.

For example, a 8 week plan for shoulder exercise using this kind of bodybuilding workout, would be something like this: the behind neck press for the first two weeks, followed by the machine press, the behind neck press, the machine press and the rehab. These, when combined, create the perfect bodybuilding workout devoid of the pain.

Hit It and Quit It

This kind of bodybuilding workout uses the hit it and quit it technique. It’s a grand technique that works wonders and will assist you in creating the hot bod that you have always craved for. The rehab works very well with most individuals and gets you going great guns.

There are many folks who think that the bench press is a very difficult part of the bodybuilding workout. And well, we agree that these folk are not entirely wrong. However, the pain periodization technique can go a long way in ensuring that you get the bodybuilding workout that your body needs and that too, at a very good and enjoyable pace.

You can see that this kind of bodybuilding routine can go a long way in helping you look great and be fit. And imagine getting all that you want at the cost of a little bit of effort.

Right now, if you embrace this, you will need no great pain bearing capabilities or loads of time to sweat it out in order to get a good body. Try this ‘hit it and quit it’ technique and you are sure to benefit from it. It does not take much of the bravery required for the usual difficult exercises, but you can reap their benefits like everyone else.