What is Hyperuricemia

Hyperuricemia is the term used to describe an abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood. In the pH chemistry of body fluid, uric acid exists mostly as urate, the ion form. The amount of urate in the body depends on the balance between the amount of purines eaten in food, the amount of… Read more

Recent tests show that injectable nanoparticles can quickly neutralize a process that occurs after traumatic injuries, such as a stroke. When such injuries occur, thousands of damaging reactive oxygen species molecules are overexpressed by the body’s cells. These molecules damage cells and cause mutations. The nanoparticles, known as poly(ethylene glycol)-functionalized hydrophilic carbon clusters (PEG-HCCs), appear to… Read more

If you want to hold onto your brain cells, you may need to change your media habits. Focusing on one task at a time is good for your health. That’s the lesson from a recent university study that found that using multiple devices at once was linked to a loss of brain tissue. Previous studies… Read more

An automobile accident, the loss of a loved one and financial difficulties are just a few of the many causes of stress we may endure in our lifetimes. Some of us take it in stride, while others go on to develop anxiety or depression. How well will you deal with the inevitable lows of life… Read more

It’s time to get a new pair of running shoes, but how do you know if the pair you choose is actually right for you? You may not be able to depend on the shoe salesman knowing how to best fit you for a running shoe, unless you are shopping at a sports store. Otherwise… Read more