Bulimia and Panic Attacks

Those who suffer from bulimia have behavior that is characterized by over eating binges and subsequent inappropriate behavior to prevent weight gain that can manifest itself with purging, such as induced vomiting or excessive exercise. In contrast, panic attacks are sudden surges of overwhelming fear that comes without warning and without an obvious reason. They… Read more

Is it possible you or someone you know has metabolic syndrome symptoms? It’s a widespread group of conditions that affects as many as one out of every four people. Metabolic syndrome refers to a group of risk factors that increase the chances of heart attacks, diabetes, and other serious conditions. The main causes are obesity… Read more

You may have come to accept the fact that you have a limited amount of physical energy. But you also have a limited amount of mental energy on any given day. The best chess players in the world tend to be on the downhill slide around the age of 40. The general consensus among these… Read more

What is Hyperuricemia

Hyperuricemia is the term used to describe an abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood. In the pH chemistry of body fluid, uric acid exists mostly as urate, the ion form. The amount of urate in the body depends on the balance between the amount of purines eaten in food, the amount of… Read more

Recent tests show that injectable nanoparticles can quickly neutralize a process that occurs after traumatic injuries, such as a stroke. When such injuries occur, thousands of damaging reactive oxygen species molecules are overexpressed by the body’s cells. These molecules damage cells and cause mutations. The nanoparticles, known as poly(ethylene glycol)-functionalized hydrophilic carbon clusters (PEG-HCCs), appear to… Read more