The Benefits of Raw Juicing

The benefits of juicing go beyond just getting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Squeezing liquid from plants is as old as agriculture itself. It wasn’t until the 20th century that drinking juice consistently became popular as a tool for improving health. This change came about mostly because of the growing popularity of the┬áNaturopathic movement […]

How to Reduce Injury Risk at the Gym

Many people dive into exercising full of enthusiasm and big goals only to be sidelined after just starting by an injury that could have been most likely prevented. Use these 5 tips to decrease your risk of an injury while at the gym. 1) Warm-up Properly Nothing will increase your risk for an injury like […]

Seizures Mistaken for Epilepsy Possibly Linked to Anxiety

Psychogenic seizures which could be mistaken for epilepsy are linked to feelings of anxiety, new research by psychologists from the UK and US has revealed. A team of researchers devised new tests to determine whether there was a link between how people interpret and respond to anxiety, and incidents of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNESs). PNESs […]

Gene Linked to Sleep Deprivation Resistance

Do you have trouble getting a full night’s sleep, but still feel OK in the morning? Perhaps it runs in the family. A study of 100 pairs of twins has uncovered a gene mutation that might allow for normal functioning on less than six hours of sleep per night. This genetic variant also looks to […]

Soleus Unisex SF002-001 Go Fitness Band Review

Fitness bands are discrete and stylish fitness tools. You can track a variety of health and fitness measurements without having to wear an uncomfortable and bulky chest strap. Worn simply on your wrist and constantly providing a digital clock, the┬áSoleus Unisex SF002-001 Go Fitness Band is a versatile and intelligent fitness tracker which also can […]