Jane Simpson, Lancaster University and Philip Powell, University of Sheffield Disgust is a universal emotion – we all get disgusted by things, just as we all experience other “basic” emotions, such as happiness and sadness. Disgust has many functions. It protects us from products that might cause us harm (food that has gone off), it… Read more

A nutrient found in garlic could offer your brain cells protection against aging and disease, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Said lead author Zezong Gu, associate professor of pathology and anatomical sciences: “Garlic is one of the most widely consumed dietary supplements. Most people think… Read more

An unexpectedly high percentage of young people experience “exploding head syndrome,” a psychological phenomenon in which they are awakened by abrupt loud noises, even the sensation of an explosion in their head. Brian Sharpless, a Washington State University assistant professor and director of the university psychology clinic, found that nearly one in five—18 percent—of college… Read more

What Is microRNA?

We all know how irritating it is to have an inbox flooded with junk mail. Fortunately email providers these days contain filters to keep the junk mail at bay. As a result the junk mail folder tends to pile up with never-to-be-read emails. But, occasionally, an important email is snagged by the filter and is… Read more

Exposure to neglect, abuse, or other traumas in childhood and adolescence puts young women with ADHD at a raised risk of self-injury, a new study finds. The results indicate that environmental factors can have a significant bearing on the negative psychosocial outcomes of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder—and also raise the question whether children with ADHD are… Read more