Oxygen Colon Cleansers Scam?

If you have been shopping for a healthy, gentle, and effective colon cleanser, you will have undoubtedly read the labels along the way. While after a while the labels of natural supplements will begin to look pretty much alike, you might be wondering why suddenly to stumble across a label that proclaims the benefits of oxygen.

Contemplating why anyone would pay good money for a substance that is basically air and all around you for free, you might be tempted to discount this product and put it back on the shelf, but do not be so hasty! As a matter of fact, oxygen is a very important component of a colon cleanse, and if you really want to understand whether a colon cleanser containing oxygen is full of hot air, consider the effects of oxygen on your bloodstream.

Isnt Breathing Enough?

Oxygen is needed by your body to live, and the release of it into the bloodstream will nourish your organs and permit them to function. Could they get the same kind of oxygen from your breathing? Yes, they can. Yet when you are undergoing a colon cleanse the fact that you will be changing your food intake and also hastening along the bowel movement will affect the way you move, exercise and thus breathe. This, in turn, may starve some of your organs of the life giving compound, which, when supplemented, will take away the fatigue so often associated with a colon cleanse regimen.

Furthermore, the oxygen contained in some colon cleansers will aid the chemical reactions that lead to a gradual evacuation of the fecal matter you are seeking to void. Other chemical reactions produced by supplements that do not utilize oxygen will produce results more quickly, yet at the same time they will be more painful, harsher on your system, and very often damage the delicate balance of bacteria inside your intestines.

Try a Little Tenderness

Granted, if you are undergoing a colon cleanse to counteract constipation, you most likely do want things to move along a bit quicker. Yet if you truly consider the effects of rushing your bowel evacuation, remember that it is not the time spent between downing the concoction and having that first bowel movement, but instead it is the impact or lack thereof on your body as a whole that makes a colon cleanse a success or a failure.

Even the harshest laxative will provide bowel movements like clockwork, yet are the cramps, the pain, the buildup of gas, the nausea, and the bloating really worth it? Would it not make more sense instead to gently clear out the colon, even if it will take longer and require more patience?

The overall goal of a colon cleanse is a reduction of toxic fecal matter accumulated in your intestines. Gentle cleansers will minimize the negative impact on your body while at the same time help your body to reap the benefits of the procedure.

If your cleanser is harsh and causes internal interruption, your body will first need to heal before you will be able to feel the increased energy and other positive effects of a normally functioning colon. Thus, it is a fallacy to assume that only speed of fecal evacuation matters. Instead, the oxygen generated inside your intestines will enable you to rid your body of accumulated waste naturally, gradually, gently and over a certain period of time, mimicking the natural functioning of the gut and colon.