Otoplasty Ear Cosmetic Surgery

If there is a deformity with your ears, cosmetic surgery is one alternative that can help you. Whether it is an internal or external problem, cosmetic surgery for the ears will help in the shape of your ear anatomy. Understanding what cosmetic surgery focuses on for your ears will help you to decide if it is the right choice for you.

The most common cosmetic surgery for the ears is known as an otoplasty, or pin back. This particular ear surgery is used if the ears are disfigured and cause what is known as a lop ear, meaning the ears move forward to far. This allows the ears to move closer to the head instead of larger and stuck out to the sides. Cosmetic ear surgery can be done when someone is as early as four years old, as this is when the ear is fully formed.

The first part of the surgery will be to give the patient anesthesia so they won’t feel the pain from the surgery. Usually, an otoplasty will last for about two hours; however, this may differ according to the ear and the changes that need to be made. A cut will be made in the back of the ear as the first step. From here, the doctor will remove the skin that is around the incision area. They will then be able to take the tissue underneath the skin and stitch it closer together. This will automatically reshape the ear and bring it close to the head.

Post Surgery Recovery

After the surgery, the doctors will keep a pressurized cloth, or dressing, on the ear. This will allow the ear to stay close to the head and heal from the surgery. Ear surgeries are not as extreme as other types of surgeries, which will allow you to leave the office either the same day or the next day. While you don’t have to stay in the hospital, you will need to keep the cloth around your ears for about a week. After the pressured cloth is removed, another lighter cloth will be put on to make sure the ears fully heal.

After the surgery is over, your ears should be moved back to the side of your head, giving you a better cosmetic look. There may be a scar where the incision was made. It will not be noticeable to most people. Having an otoplasty for a new ear look should not affect the way you hear or cause problems with any of the inner parts of your ears.

If you have ears that are lopped, or if you have a child who has lop ears, then consider an otoplasty as a way to improve your looks. Ear surgery that is done for cosmetic reasons is known a minor surgery and can help improve the way your ears look. Before deciding on getting an otoplasty, it is important to know the surgery procedures as well as if the outcome will help you to feel better about the way your ears look.