Osteopathy Heat Packs

When you last visited your osteopathic doctor (D.O.) she or he might have used a heat pack on your back, or may have even suggested the usage of such packs for at home follow up treatments.

Even as you are dutifully going to the store to purchase the indicated items, do you really know what it is that you are looking for and also how these humble little packs can have such a huge impact on your overall well being and health?

You are not alone if you lack this bit of knowledge and if you are ready to increase your understanding f the science of heat packs used in osteopathy, you will benefit from reading on.

    • Heat packs are most commonly used for the relief of muscle pain.

    • Since heat packs may be used on different muscle groups, they also come in different sizes. This makes it important for the patient to pay attention when shopping for such a pack to use at home. Although it is possible to use a heating pad sized for the back on your arm, you may not receive the full benefit since the heat is not sufficiently concentrated.

    • Some heat pads are designed for one time use only and they contain and internal heating mechanism which may be set into effect when the pad is cracked or squeezed. The heat that is generated occurs quickly and it may last for a significant period of time.

    • Conversely, if you like the idea of using a reusable heat pack, then there are those that may be put either in the microwave or boiled in water. On the upside, you may control the initial temperature a lot more closely than with a self heating pad, but on the downside the moment the administration of heat ceases, the temperature will actually decrease which might not be very comfortable after a short period of time.

    • Discuss the use of form fitting heating pads. They are designed very specifically for the use on a limb or back, but if your body type varies significantly from the average body for which these packs are designed, you may find it hard to use them and get the full benefit from them.

    • Some hot packs actually offer the added benefit of optional aroma therapy. Ask your osteopaths opinion on combining both and more than likely she or he will agree that this is a great idea.

If you have a hard time making up your mind, ask your osteopathic specialist for the use of a loaner heating pad. Test driving such a pad in the comfort of your home may help you decide on the kinds and sizes of heating pads to go out and purchase.

Even though you might think that experiencing the benefits of these pads during the office visit is sufficient, there is a world of difference between having the heat applied by someone else and actually using the pad to do it yourself.