Online Massage Therapy School

There are a number of reasons why a student would choose an online massage therapy school over one that they would attend in person. Virtual education is gradually making its way into the curricula of many educational institutions and the quality of the courses has dramatically improved with the development of the Internet. While it may seem odd to undergo education in something so hands-on as massage, it is actually a program that lends itself well to distance learning.

An online massage therapy school must be fully accredited by the relevant authorities to ensure that the students are receiving an acceptable standard of higher education. With students minds put to rest over those issues, it can be easier to make a decision on distance education.

Why study online?

For starters, imagine you wanted to receive an American qualification in massage therapy but you lived in another country. The complications of having to apply for a student visa, accommodation and travel can be insurmountable. It makes total sense to enroll in an online massage therapy school that can provide the qualifications to foreign students.

Even for those living in the U.S. but not able to relocate to attend the school they favor, studying via an online massage therapy school can provide the perfect opportunity for remote students to achieve goals from home. This means not having to invest resources in commuting or relocating, a much more comfortable situation all round.

Learn at your pace

When you enroll in an online massage therapy school, you can learn at your own pace, either faster or slower than what is possible at an in-person campus. You can study ahead or work in revision without regard for other classmates and their learning speed.


You might think that an online massage therapy school would not allow for easy interactivity with other students or the teaching faculty. On the contrary; you are able to participate in blogs, chats, discussion forums and via email at any time.

Continue working while studying

Having to work to pay for your studies can be challenging if you have to fit your work in around your study schedule. With an online massage therapy school, you can study when your work hours permit.

Limited mobility

For students who are unable to move around freely due to illness, disability or age, an online massage therapy school presents an opportunity to study at home and enjoy the convenience of not having to travel to and from campus.

But how do you learn massage online?

Its a reasonable question. Online massage therapy schools utilize DVDs and e-books to teach the fundamentals of massage techniques and information about alternative medicine. The material is very comprehensive and allows the student to learn step-by-step, various methods of massage as well as the theory behind the practices. Courses are either sent on CD-ROM or can be downloaded from the colleges website. Testing is administered via online modules and counts towards course credits.

Some online massage therapy schools will also offer courses that combine virtual with in-person education. As a massage therapist, you need to know more than simply how to use your hands to create healing. There is biology, anatomy and psychology involved, as well as teaching about aromatherapy and holistic approaches to wellness.

All of these can be taught very well using distance education. A motivated, enthusiastic student will succeed very well in an online massage therapy course but it is important to be aware that a student learning in this way must be more self-motivated and conscientious than one who attends a regular campus in person.

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