OneTouch Glucose Meters

OneTouch Glucose Meter is a monitoring device for diabetics. It comes from the company LifeScan, which has a wide range of blood glucose testing and monitoring systems. Within the brand name of OneTouch, there are many different systems that LifeScan has created to suit different levels of diabetics. One Touch meters are known for their simple testing techniques and portability.

OneTouch has different kinds of meters for diverse patients. One feature that exists across all models is that it can give you results within five seconds. Also, it gives the user the option to draw samples from different places from the body. Their differences are based upon their testing capabilities and the technologies embedded within them. Some of them are:

1. OneTouch UltraMini: this is the simplest of all the blood testing meters. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and therefore is good for testing while traveling or commuting. It has just two tabs that aids in easy scrolling and usage. It can store upto 500 test results. This will help you in maintaining a history of your blood glucose and see where it has dipped or risen.

2. OneTouch Ultra 2: this device belongs to the Ultra family of meters as well, but it is larger than the Mini version. It has a large screen and is suitable for older people, who prefer simpler and clearer screens. These screens have backlight. You can also add meal flags on the meter. This will let you know the effects of food on glucose levels. Another feature of this meter is that you can get your glucose averages every week, fortnight, and even month.

3. OneTouch UltraSmart: this is another from the Ultra family. This is far more technologically advanced. You can make entries into the meter regarding food, exercise, and medication. And also, you can create and store charts and graphs to keep track of your glucose levels.

4. OneTouch UltraLink: this one is sophisticated still. It forms a package with LifeScan’s MiniMed Pradigm. The MiniMed is an insulin pump. This meter sends information via wireless to the pump and the pump in turn informs you how much insulin you need. It also sets aside the insulin dose for you. In this way, errors are minimized. Apart from this amazing feature, this meter guarantees accuracy in results and easy usage.

5. OneTouch Select: this kind of meter is accessible for mail order customers only. It is for patients who would prefer a no hassles approach to testing. Its large screen and big digits ensure this. It needs only a speck of blood to give results and can store upto 350 test results. You need not only use your fingertip for testing. You can also prick your forearm or palm.

OneTouch also provides software that can be downloaded for free by buyers. This gives averages and general trends in glucose level fluctuations. These can be stored on your personal computer and checked and analyzed when necessary, you can also take this data to your doctor for diagnosis.