What is Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery, which can also be known, as oculoplastics is the surgery to correct cosmetic issues with the eye and reconstructive surgery to the eye due to trauma and other reasons that may cause damage.

Oculoplastic surgery does not normally work directly on the eye but does work on the structures and various tissues that make up part of the eye and surrounding areas. This may come in the form of an eye lift which is surgery carried out to the eye lids, repairing fractures to the orbit (the socket of the eye made of bone) or removing an obstructions near or in the tear ducts.

Some of these treatments are just for visual appearance (cosmetic surgeries) while others are carried out for medical reasons. Below is a list of the most common forms of oculoplastic surgery that are carried out for various reasons.

Eye Lift

This is a cosmetic surgery that is carried out to reduce eyelid dropping, which can give the impression of being constantly tired and make a person appear older.

The eyelift involves the surgeon making incisions where the crease of the upper and lower eyelids while a patient is under local anesthetic. The surgeon removes excess skin and fatty deposits before sewing stitches in where the incisions were made. There is scarring due to the surgery but because the incisions are made in the crease of the eyelids they cannot be seen once the incision has healed.

Repairing orbital fractures

The orbit is the bone that the eye sits inside it is actually part of the skull which means that should a fracture occur then surgery is needed to hold the bone in place while it repairs.

Repairing orbital fractures involves having micro or mini plates surgically screwed to the orbit structure to hold the fractured bone in place while the bodies natural defenses repair the damage.

This treatment is sometimes caused due to orbital tumors growing around the eye, when the tumors grow to a certain size they can impact the orbit causing fractures, surgery can help the orbital fractures repair but cannot necessarily help the tumors.

Tear duct surgery

The tear ducts provide tears, a watery solution created by the body to keep the eyes clean and stop them from drying out which prevents damage.

Silicone tube intubations are the most common form of tear duct surgery, this is normally carried out by small silicon tubes being surgically placed in the tear ducts under local anesthetic, these are left there for up to six months to stretch the tear ducts before being removed. When the silicon tubes are removed they do require another small surgery.

Complications from surgery

Overall these surgeries do not have severe side affects; generally the worst that will happen is a small amount of swelling and bruising, which does reduce over time as the surgery heals.

Should the doctor suggest any of these surgeries then you do not need to worry about side affects, as they are all very safe when it comes to surgical procedures.