Detoxification Live Food Diet

Another natural alternative is to detoxify ones body and switch to a live food diet. Although this dietary change has permanent benefits that are excellent for not only losing and maintaining weight, it heightens energy and often eliminates toxins that cause a variety of illnesses and conditions that commonly plague the body. With this lifestyle change, in addition to weight loss, chronic illnesses such as migraine headaches, insomnia, skin problems, brittle hair, constipation, arthritis, and many others are alleviated permanently. The drawback for some is again the level of commitment that it takes to achieve. Far from impossible, this option takes a level of commitment to health and general well being that is strong enough to want to give up foods that are toxic to your body.

The first step one should take is to cleanse the body. If you suffer from high toxicity that is currently showing itself as chronic illness, you may want to consult with a natural practitioner before embarking on a cleansing routine, as cleansing may exacerbate many symptoms of the bodys ailments as the body attempts to correct itself. Even if you are not highly toxic and have no signs of chronic illness, you will likely experience slight headaches, chills, irritability, and fatigue as you body is releasing toxins. This is quite natural and no cause for alarm, since your body is releasing a large level of toxins during this time and symptoms of all of the illness they cause over time are going to show up.

The best way to begin is by embarking upon a juice fast. Thats right, take nothing in except juice, herbal tea, and protein drinks for three days. There will be no malnourishment here, since juices are highly concentrated foods, and the protein drinks will add the necessary protein you would normally get by consuming solid food. In fact, drinking one glass of carrot and celery juice is the equivalent of eating two whole carrots and three celery stalks. Imagine trying to get a daily serving of six large carrots and nine celery stalks each day, in addition to other foods; this would be quite burdensome. Yet consuming just three glasses of carrot-celery juice takes care of that daily allotment. Even if you were able to eat all of these vegetables daily, you would not get as full a benefit from these foods as you do when you juice. Juicing separates the vitamins and minerals from the fiber, which can trap the nutrients and block your body from absorbing them. Also, because raw vegetables and fruits are rich in enzymes, they serve as a great energy booster.

There are certain juices and drink additives that will help you to lose weight as well as detoxify, because they have natural chemicals in them that aid in weight loss. These can be taken during your initial juice fast, and continuously throughout your new diet program:

    Pineapple- contains bromelain
    Cucumber-contains invertase
    Tomato, apple, persimmon, and peach-contains lactase
    All green plants, wheat germ, flax-contain lipase
    Papaya-contains papain
    Beet leaves and banana-contain maltase
    Kale, spinach, lettuce-contain hericellulase

These nutrients are vital to losing weight and preventing obesity. It is best to purchase organic fruits and vegetables for juicing, as non-organic produce contains high levels of toxic pesticides, and will defeat the purpose of detoxification. Even when purchasing and using organic produce, be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Use a vegetable brush, available at many supermarkets or at your local health food store, and scrub lightly yet thoroughly under running water.

The vegetable brush may also be used to clean the steel strainer inside your juicer when cleaning up. Juicing with the peeling on is fine for most fruits and vegetables, except of course those with exceptionally thick skin, such as kiwis, papayas, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and bananas. Do not peel away the “bitter” on oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines; this is the white part of the fruit directly under the skin, but do remove the seeds of all fruits as they are very bitter. Bananas do not juice well in a juicer and should be juiced in a blender instead. Juices should be drunk immediately after juicing ideally. However if your schedule does not allow you to juice several times a day, refrigerating your juices in a glass container is suitable for one day without losing vital nutrients.

As for protein, you can use one of the many all-natural protein powders found in your local health store or health section of your local supermarket. These powders can be added directly to your juices as suggested on the packaging. You may want to use a blender to blend the powder into the juice.

Be sure to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of purified water along with your juicing during your juice fast, and everyday from now on as a matter of fact. Pure water is vital to aiding your body in releasing toxins. Also, always drink your juices slowly, aiding their digestion and savoring the taste. Savoring taste is very important not only for your palate, but for your weight also. When we do not taste our food and drink properly, we have a tendency to over-consume and gain weight. Sip your juice the same way someone may sip a cocktail; make it an enjoyable experience.