Oakworks Massage Table

Oakworks is known for its highly therapeutic and excellent massage tables. Oakworks massage tables have been helping soothe people since 1978. These tables are known for strength, durability and their versatility. These tables are extremely safe and meet all your requirements.

These tables come in various shapes and sizes and are quite economical . You can get Oakworks tables for as low as $299. They include stationary massage tables, known for their sheer simplicity. These are luxurious and can be used in spas also. These are available for $399. Even on the day that you think it might not work, Oakworks will continue to surprise you.

They also make massage tables that are portable. The portable tables are made in the United States and are available for $299. The Nova portable massage table is considered to be one of the best. It has been the best-selling Oakworks table for over 20 years now.

The Nova is available in different width and height ranges so that everyone’s needs are met with. The Nova has a cable lock system as well. It has inter-lock legs, integra-hinge and amazing adjustment knobs. The unilock closure systems in many of the oakworks massage tables give you great safety. Oakworks tables also offer plush padding.

The Oakworks Wellspring massage table is durable and light. The maximum operating weight that it allows is 249 kg.; the table weighs only 11-13 kgs. The height is 24”-34” and the width is 27 to 29 inches.

Oakworks also offers Kela-30 massage tables. It is a low-cost but high-quality product that will suit most of your needs. It is a highly durable massage table and quite simple in design. Kela-30 is more comfortable than most other massage tables. It is a great package altogether, which includes the massage table, a professional carry bag as well as a shiatsu cable. It also includes a cotton flannel sheet set and a free access end plate as well as a free hammock.

Oakworks also offers the Aurora portable massage table which is great for beginners. It is extremely light and portable. It is an ideal in short. These tables deliver you quality at low cost and give you maximum satisfaction. The Aurora is 25-29 lbs in weight and has a height of 24”-34”. It is a traditional three-layer massage table.

Giving you optimum quality and durability as well as style and comfort, Oakworks also gives you the Utopian table package with an adjustable breast comfort system for only $449. The Astra Lite professional aluminum tables are great as they are economical too. Oakworks massage tables offer electric spa tables as well as wet treatment tables. It is a leading brand in massage tables and gives you your money’s worth. These tables make massage feel like heaven and make you feel special.