Nutrition for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C can be a very damaging disease to the body. Those afflicted with it experience inflammation of the liver, which can cause problems down the road such as cirrhosis and general liver failure. Its often undetectable when it comes to checking for symptoms, and few who have the disease realize that it is present until it is too late.

For that reason, hepatitis C is the number one cause of liver transplants throughout the world. There are many things to consider when coping with a case of hepatitis C, and a proper diet is one of them. In this article, well examine some healthy eating practices to indulge in when one is afflicted with the disease.

For those who have the disease and are using the ‘watch and wait method of treatment, there are no special dietary guidelines to follow. Your best bet is to keep your body as healthy as possible by having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lacking in fats and sugars. The food pyramid can provide a good basis for a diet that can keep you in top shape.

Watch your Weight

Keeping proper nutrition is important since those who are overweight may experience a condition known as ‘fatty liver, in which a layer of fat is present in the liver. Those with hepatitis C who are overweight are at a particularly heightened risk for cirrhosis of the liver due to this liver condition.

Keeping strong with a good diet can be helpful to your body when it comes to building up your immune system so that you can better fight off the hepatitis C virus. Also, improved liver functioning is a positive side-effect of maintaining a good diet.

No Alcohol

Another thing that one should note when it comes to keeping in good health with a case of hepatitis C is to avoid the consumption of alcohol as much as possible. Even in those who do not have hepatitis C, alcohol can be particularly damaging to the liver. When coupled with the disease, the increased risk of cirrhosis that one faces is all the more enhanced.

When you are getting your hepatitis C case treated with the drug that is known as interferon, you may experience certain side effects that can affect your diet. Those on the drug therapy may experience a lack of appetite. To curb the problem, physicians often advise exercise before a meal, which can cause your body to yearn for food more.

Eat Often

Also, as opposed to eating two or three big meals throughout the day, eating small snack meals throughout the day could be a better alternative. Interferon therapy can also cause a metallic taste to be present when eating, which can cause eating to be hindered. To avoid the metallic taste, you may want to have tart foods and drinks, such as lemonade and pickles, which can mask the taste.

Now that you know more about how you should eat when you are afflicted with hepatitis C, you can do what is right for your body if the situation arises.