Normal Cholesterol Level and Proper Diet

It is common knowledge today that cholesterol is not always bad. There is actually good cholesterol the HDL or the high-density lipoprotein which helps in carrying the cholesterol away from the arteries to the liver where it is processed into harmless components. There are a number of studies undertaken which suggest that for every unit of bad cholesterol reduction, the possibility of heart disease reduces by twice that percentage number.

To have normal cholesterol levels, your good cholesterol should be at least 40mg/dL or more and bad cholesterol not more than 200mg/dL.

Control of Diet is the Key to Maintaining a Normal Cholesterol Level

Nature has given man sufficient power to maintain his/her health without depending upon any doctor. If our diets were balanced as they were meant to be, then there would not be any health issues, ever. However, our diets consist mostly of meat and saturated fats which contain high levels of the bad cholesterol. Some examples of these types of food are, shell fish, eggs (emphasis lies on the yolk), liver, and so on.

Actually, if you have a normal cholesterol level you can very well enjoy eating such food in moderation. You should never overdo it. A normal cholesterol level will get imbalanced when such foods become the rule instead of the exception.

If a person eats greasy non vegetarian food every day round the clock week after week, the person is sure to become ill. And when such a person falls sick, they stay sick for a very long time. This is why one should always endeavor to maintain proper diet on regular basis which in turn would maintain a normal cholesterol level in the body.


A diet rich in anti-oxidants, and vitamins would help you a great deal. You will be able to maintain a normal cholesterol level with the help of proper diet containing low-fats, niacin (which is reputed to increase HDL or the good cholesterol) peppered with moderate exercise can be exceptionally beneficial.

For those who have no patience with regulation of food and exercise, there are few very effective drugs popularly known as statins that are able to inhibit the bodys ability to produce cholesterol in the first place. As a result, people get protected from developing heart diseases. You should be aware however that the statins may cause damage of liver in certain cases and hence need to be taken under the supervision of the doctor. The best would be to lead a moderate life with a healthy mostly vegetarian diet rich in vitamins and minerals.