Nicotine Replacement Treatments

Nicotine replacement treatments are used by many smokers to assist in helping them to stop smoking. They are designed to ease the withdrawal symptoms and answer the initial cravings for a cigarette.

There are several different options for the smoker looking to try a nicotine replacement treatment, also referred to as NRT; it is simply a matter of which one that they choose.

There is the patch, nicotine gums, sprays and inhalers. All of them serve the same purpose but each one is slightly different in its use. For some people who are trying to stop smoking there is a preference to which method they will use but for others they will go along with the suggestion of their health care provider based on convenience and lifestyle.

Highly Addictive

Nicotine is a very addictive substance and so many people need a NRT to help them get through the difficult process of easing off smoking. Most of these treatment plans last around three months and by the end of the treatment the smoker has gradually reduced their craving for the nicotine until they no longer require it.

At that point they have quit. These treatments are believed to increase a smokers ability to successfully quit from about eight percent for the cold turkey method to around double for those using nicotine replacement treatments.

These treatments reduce the withdrawal symptoms that a quitting smoker must deal with. There are many of them and they can make getting through the day, especially at first, extremely difficult. The withdrawal symptoms can include irritability, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, sleeping problems and unexplained anger to name just a few.


On top of all these feelings of being out of sorts and impatient the smoker must contend with the cravings for a cigarette. The NRT plans all conquer these issues by allowing for a small amount of nicotine to be put into the body at regular intervals to control the symptoms and stop the cravings. This gives the smoker the time to adjust both mentally and physically to not smoking anymore.

The nasal spray is one of the best for heavy smokers since it can answer the nicotine craving fastest. Sprayed into the nose, no more than twice an hour, it is quickly absorbed into the blood vessels in the nose. Therefore it rapidly deals with the craving. It is easy to use and has a twelve week program that works well for those trying to quit.

How it Works
The patch is worn somewhere on the body to deliver a regulated amount of nicotine all day. Each day a new patch is put on to make sure the levels stay the same. After six weeks at the same level the smoker uses one with lower levels for two weeks and then minimal levels for the last two weeks.

At the end of that time they no longer want to smoke. Nicotine gum works similar in that the smoker must lower the number of times they chew until they are able to go the day without it. This too is a process that takes several weeks to get though until the smoker is smoke free.