Nicotine Lozenges to Quit Smoking

There are many different choices to make when people are ready to quit smoking. One of these is what method they will use to help them get through the initial difficult quitting time. Some people prefer to try it cold turkey and do it themselves without any help.

Others turn to councilors, hypnosis or acupuncture. The most common place for smokers to turn to for help is the nicotine replacement treatments. These treatments use a variety of different options to allow the smoker to quell their cravings by feeding nicotine into the body by different methods.

Which one is chosen completely reflects the preference of the smoker. One method that is gaining in popularity is the nicotine lozenge.

Physical Withdrawal

Quitting smoking is not just giving up cigarettes; it is withdrawing the body from its need for nicotine which is a very addictive substance. To properly provide the body with enough nicotine to stop a craving a nicotine lozenge must be properly used. It is not sucked on like a normal candy. The smoker places the lozenge on the tongue and sucks on it until there is almost a burning feeling.

This taste becomes very strong and at this point the lozenge must be tucked into the cheek. Once the feeling subsides the process is repeated until the whole thing is gone. By using it like that the process is slower and the craving is long gone by the time the smoker has finished the lozenge.

Lozenge Strength

The strength of the lozenge will be determined by the number of cigarettes the smoker was using daily. If the person was a heavy smoker they may need to begin with the higher dose. Or, if they had tried to quit using the lower dose lozenges previously they might want to try again using the higher dose.

The plan with these is to use no more than one every couple of hours for twelve weeks. After that time the smoker should need fewer until they are sucking on no more than a couple daily. At that point they can simply stop. For those who use the higher dose lozenge they must lower the number of times they use them then lower the dose before gradually stopping. It will help heavy smokers a lot to change doses in their battle to quit smoking since it providers half the nicotine of the other one.

Diet Concerns

Those who decide to use this method to assist them in quitting smoking should know that certain foods will affect the absorption and so should not be used fifteen minutes before using a lozenge. These include coffee, fruit juices and soda pop. As well, they must suck on them as the instructions tell them.

Any other way will do nothing to help them quit. They should be careful not to swallow them as they can upset a persons stomach or irritate their throats. As well, make sure that they are not left around to be mistaken by a child for a candy. They can cause nicotine poisoning in children.