Homeopathic remedies or homeopathic medicines are a popular, yet slightly unknown way to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. The idea of homeopathic medicine is the result of the two separate fields of belief. To start with it believed that a substance, such an herb or medication, when it is prepared in the right way has the ability to bring the bodys natural to heal itself to the surface.

In addition, the process of Potentization of one of these substances in which is goes through precise dilutions and succussions this process brings about a change to the substance that creates a more powerful effect, and eliminates any toxicity. While homeopathy can be used at home for minor illness, for more serious illness, a doctor should be consulted to ensure the proper treatment is being used.

Choose Wisely

While homeopathic medicines are a preferred by many, they must be chosen carefully, with close attention paid to information and its proper use. These remedies, when used in the wrong way or for the wrong reason, will have little effect, if any. Remedies must be chosen to work with a persons body and the illness that is affecting them, keeping in mind that remedies will not work for every person in the same way, even if they have the same illness or disorder.

Homeopathic remedies are chosen according the illness or disorder the person has, making sure the one being used matches the symptoms, in turn this will best help the body naturally fight to relieve their RLS symptoms.

Aconitum Napellus

There are several remedies that are useful for treating the symptoms and discomfort of RLS. Some of the more popular remedies chosen, Aconitum Napellus is used for RLS and anxiety, which at times is also an issue due to the lack of sleep.

For more specific relief, with focus on weakness, heaviness and trembling for the legs, in addition to cramping and burning. Since it is thought that vitamin deficiencies are often the behind the RLS symptoms, Zincum Metallicum helps to boost the vitamins and minerals needed for the body to work properly.

As with any type of medication or remedy, the most important detail is the dosage used for the person who will be using it. Using homeopathic remedies can be rewarding when using it for self-treatment and should only be done so in low doses, for larger doses it is best to consult a doctor, many of whom are now certified in homeopathic medicine.

The use of homeopathic remedies should be done as follows; one dose is taken followed by a waiting period to see if the remedy will work. If a change is noted, relief from pain or symptoms, it is to be seen that it is working, should a change not be seen a second dose may be given, with a second waiting period. If, after this second dose, a change is still not noted it may be necessary to look for another remedy that is similar to the symptoms being displayed.

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