Restless Leg Syndrome can lead to sleepless nights, discomfort and fatigue. For some turning to medical cures is the only path, while others prefer a more natural approach. It is known that the drugs used to ease the symptoms of RLS can cause side-effects, can be addictive and/or add to their health problems, leaving some to wonder if there is another way to seek relief from their symptoms.

One natural approach is called, LegCalm. LegCalm is used to treat RLS and Periodic Limb Movement (PLM). The herb used in LegCalm is a well-known and has been used in Chinese Medicine for years.

The herb, Astragalus, is said to balance and improve the function of the bodys organs, in addition the herb increases circulation and helps in the absorption of iron. This in itself is an important step, as iron-deficiency has been shown to cause RLS symptoms.

Herbal Relief for RLS

Another treatment, widely used in Europe is known as Butchers Broom, or Ruscus Acluteatus. Butchers broom is said to improve circulation, relieve pain and discomfort of RLS and helps in other circulatory disorders of the body.

Horse Chestnut, or Aesculus hippocastum, is used for healthy blood circulation in the body, and has been used in Europe for years for their help with vein health. By keeping circulation flowing there is relief for PLM and RLS symptoms. As with all natural herbs used for treatment, be sure to use if carefully as they effect each person differently.


Zinc is used for many things, especially for boosting the immune system. Zinc, in the case of RLS, can aid in the absorption of minerals such as iron to help prevent deficiencies, in addition to having a calming ingredient.

Magnesium Phosphate is essential in maintaining the bodys level of Magnesium, as a deficiency is known to be a cause of RLS. Magnesium also is very helpful when used for the relief of spasms, muscle contractions and twitching.

When RLS affects sleep, it may be that the pathways from the brain that control the movements does not work, letting impulses through and making it difficult to rest. A supplement called, 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), is used to increase serotonin in the brain that affects sleep, and help your legs remain calm through the night. Often those who use 5-HTP see a change rather quickly, however, it may take longer for others.

Night Time Leg Calm has been used successfully to ease the symptoms of RLS and PLM. Night Time Leg Clam is a special blend of essential oils, such as grape seed oil and a blend of lavender, rosemary and ginger. Applied directly to the skin, specifically to the lower back and the muscles surrounding the area the oils work to reduce inflammation, lessen and calm the central nervous system. The oil can be reapplied if needed. In addition to relieving RLS symptoms at night, it can also be used during the day for those who have symptoms of Restless Arm Syndrome, simply massage it into the neck and surrounding muscles.

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