Natural Remedies to Avoid Stretch Marks

Stretch marks cannot be erased by any cream or lotion. Short of undergoing surgical procedures, these marks are there to stay. On the flipside, there are a number of methods you can use to increase the health of your skin which in turn will lead to a lessened visibility of the stretch marks themselves, and may even speed up the fading process associated with the gradual healing of the torn dermis.

While several commercially available skin care products are receiving much press and are easily available, more and more consumers are in search of a greener way of life. This is easily seen in the choice of vehicles, building products, and cleaning agents in use by many.

Chemicals on the Way Out

Food choices are beginning to lean toward the more unrefined foods and organic produce. It is only a matter of time until natural skin care will replace chemical agents in popularity. If you are ready to bid farewell to your chemically based lotions and potions and instead are looking for the components of a stretch mark reducing natural skin care regimen, here are some substances you will want to consider incorporating:

    Extracts from the aloe plant will not make your stretch marks disappear, but they will help your skin to heal some of its surface blemishes. A healthy looking skin at least partially devoid of blemishes will go a long ways to hiding stretch marks.

    Individuals with light complexion will find that chamomile rinses work wonders for their skin and will actually help stretch marks to fade because of the coumarin contained in the plant

    Milk based soaps and lotions add vitamins A, D, E and K to the skin; all of these substances are known to increase suppleness by increasing the skins moisture content. Well moisturized skin will hide stretch marks more easily than dry, chafing skin.

    Honey infused lotions may be used together as part of a daily regimen to protect the skin against harmful rays from the sun. While it cannot and should not take the place of a high quality sunscreen, it will protect the body overall when only briefly exposed to the sun. Additionally, the various compounds contained in honey are easily absorbed into the skin, thus making it a perfect vehicle for other essential oils to contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin.

Mind you, there is no natural compound that will remove your stretch marks; yet in spite of this fact, there are several natural products that will help stretch marks to fade, and to blend in more readily with a healthy looking skin. A natural skin care regimen furthermore helps to reduce stretch marks by focusing on the skin as the whole organ instead of simply pinpointing a problem area and then seeking to aggressively treat it. Thus, you will find that you use of natural products will greatly increase your skins health and overall well being in addition to reducing your visible stretch marks and many other skin blemishes that may bother you.