Natural Hangover Remedies

Everyone enjoys a good time. Just the mention of a party can give the air a lighter and more festive mood. And, it is no surprise that during a party people tend to overindulge. Whether it is that extra piece of cake that spoils their diet plans or one more glass of wine, people tend to forgive and forget their momentary indiscretions because it was, after all, a party.

Unfortunately, while you may have forgotten that you swore to have just one slice of cake or just one beer, if you over do it those indiscretions have not forgotten you. Now you are praying for hangover cures. And while having a little more to eat might set you back a little on your weight loss plan, having too much to drink can be a literal pain.

Those Awful Symptoms

The symptoms of alcohol overindulgence can be pretty similar across the board. The night of, you may notice that you feel warmer, or that your skin appears to be flushed, as the alcohol causes your veins to dilate and more blood to flow to the surface of your skin.

You may also find that you are less inhibited sharing deep, dark secrets with strangers, showing off your latest dance moves, or making less than rational decisions. Some people may even suffer from mood swings (ever know an angry or a weepy drunk?), confusion, memory loss, and uncoordinated movements.
Another symptom, that you may not notice until later on, is that the alcohol can irritate your stomach. It also causes your body to urinate more, becoming dehydrated.

These symptoms come to play much more in the morning when the dreaded hangover sets in. It can also cause you to crave food, especially the not-so-good-for-you varieties that raise your blood sugar quickly. Plus, since alcohol displaces the nutrients that your body actually needs, overuse can lead to a variety of health problems, particularly in the liver and pancreas.

Hangover Tips

Luckily for you, however, there are some hangover solutions that you can do to counteract the effects. The liver, intestines, and kidneys work around the clock to neutralize and excrete toxins. There are also some natural therapies that you can try to speed up the process and help things along.

Antioxidants are important all over the body, but when it comes to drinking they are essential to protecting the liver from damage, as well as working to help the liver detoxify the body. There are several minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that your body needs to function properly, so taking a good multivitamin can help replenish nutrients that you have lost.

An important part of this vitamin is the B vitamins and the lipotropic agents. These nutrients help fat and bile to be eliminated from the liver, assisting with the flushing of toxins from the body.

Milk thistle is known to promote liver health. It can help the liver to regenerate and detoxify.

A supplement known as LiverCare Complex has herbs like Globe Artichoke and Dandelion. These help the liver to function properly and detoxify and cleanse it so that it can work at its full potential.

There are also a couple of lifestyle factors that you can consider. Most hangovers cure themselves within 24 hours, so allow for adequate rest while your body is working to heal itself. Some gentle exercise, like walking, can help stimulate everything as well.