Multiple personality disorder is a condition that is caused by one believing that they have two or more identities. Personalities of one person will split into several different personalities that take in their own identity and way of living.

While multiple personality disorder can range in functioning and severity, it is always important to know what lies behind multiple personality disorder.

Multiple personalities will often take control over someones behavior when they are in situations that seem traumatic. At a lesser level, this is also known as disassociation. This causes a persons thoughts, emotions, memories, feelings, actions and identity to be removed from functioning normally.

This will then cause personal history and memories to be affected or lost. As a result of this disassociation, a different type of personality will take place of the person.

Often times, each personality will be associated with different situations. There are several reasons why multiple personality disorder begins to take place in someone. It is usually a result of repressed emotion, as well as a defense mechanism that is attached to that person.

For instance, if someone has been through an early childhood trauma, they will often create a separate identity that is able to handle the situation. They then are able to remove themselves mentally from the situation because it is too hard to handle.

One of the major types of traumas that are associated with multiple personality disorder is child abuse or sexual abuse. One or more personalities take care of the situation, while the child is able to remove him or herself from the situation, protecting from the actions that are taking place.

There are also several reported cases of things such as traumatic group events taking place causing the disassociation and personality disorder.

Multiple personality disorder will begin to be noticeable later on in life by that person. There may be situations or emotions that cause the person to immediately swing back into the defense mechanism that was created early on. By associating these memories with the present day, a separate identity will automatically appear and take care of the situation that seems threatening to them at that time.

Memory and MPD

One of the factors that is part of a multiple personality disorder is in relation to the memories that these different personalities are triggered by. While these different personalities come into play as a result of the memory, they are still not often recognized by the person who has the disorder.

Because the personalities were brought in to deal with the traumatic situations at an early age, the abuse that was experienced is often blocked with this persons memory. This makes it even more difficult to recognize as well as heal. If you ask the right person, they will not be able to tell of any traumatic events that have happened.

One of the hard parts of multiple personality disorder is that it is not as easy to treat. It is hard to find the symptoms of someone who has multiple personality disorder. Because of the complication of the personalities, they will not necessarily come out in a therapist session because it is not the right situation. They may also sometimes not be referred to as an extra personality, but more like a mood swing.

If you believe that you, or someone you know, has blocked out memories and as a result has produced multiple personality disorder, then it is important to get help. There are several psychotherapists that can help you in recognizing and overcoming traumatic experiences.

There are also certain medications that can be used. There are also several support groups that are available if you are struggling with multiple personalities. In order to begin healing from multiple personality disorder, you will need to move back to the traumatic event that caused the disassociation, then learn how to cope as well as move forward.

Multiple personality disorder is a way in which one disassociates traumatic childhood experiences in order to protect themselves mentally. As a result, disassociation towards the event as well as the feelings that were attached to it occurs.

This is a way of one coping with the problem at the time. Depending on the severity and extremes of the situation will cause the result of the personality disorder occurring.

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