Motion Sickness Remedies

Quite a few people have experienced some sort of motion sickness during travel. It is that uneasiness and nausea; it is the cold sweats and pale, clammy skin; dizziness and vomiting may also occur with motion sickness. While some people have hardy constitutions, others like you perhaps, may experience motion sickness to varying degrees.

Many times, its a matter of your brain thinking your body is going to zig when it really zags. Your equilibrium gets thrown off and as your body fights to get back that even keel, you end up experiencing motion sickness. There are some preventative tips you can try to put off motion sickness such as:

1. Avoid the alcohol and take it easy on the diet before and during your times of travel. If you don’t have a heavy meal sitting in your stomach, then there is less chance of vomiting.
2. Choose the best possible seat in your mode of transportation to avoid triggering any motion sickness. The middle of a bus, the front part in a train, a cars front seat or a wing seat in a plane is the most optimal places.
3. Keep your eyes from moving all over the moving landscape. Instead, choose a fixed point and focus on it. By avoiding too much head movement, you will lessen your chances of motion sickness.
4. If you sleep while traveling, you just might sleep that motion sickness away.

Medication for Motion

As with many other conditions, approach motion sickness from a medication angle. The motion sickness niche is a profitable one in the pharmaceutical industry. And luckily for you, there are a few things you can do to try and combat that feeling:

1. Anti-histamines are an unlikely but successful treatment which can relieve and even prevent motion sickness for many people. You should try and take medication at least an hour before take-off and continue to take it on an as-needed basis. Such medications as benadryl or Dramamine are effective. Just be sure that you can take anti-histamines without causing further health problems.
2. There are also several prescription medications that you can take. You will need to consult with your doctor regarding your options.

Natural Remedies

If you are more of the all-natural type, consider a few alternate remedies that can help with motion sickness. Eating fresh or crystallized ginger can calm upset stomachs which in turn might calm motion sickness. In addition, there are special bracelet bands that you wear on your wrist. They have special nubs on them that end up on certain pressure points. Basically, these bracelets are employing a type of acupressure which really does work for some individuals.

For kids, motion sickness just gets a bit more complicated. You should consult with your doctor about possible medication that is safe for kids. The natural remedies will not do harm to your kids.

If possible, have your kids wear sunglasses or occupy them in a game of I Spy while in the car. And just remember, the front seat of your car is not a safe place for young children to be and should thereby not be a consideration for nixing the motion sickness.

Unfortunately, it may take a few test runs before you find the right combination of things to try. Motion sickness is no fun if you are traveling. However, by following some of the tips above, you just might make it past that stomach and head roiling point and enjoy your travels.