A recent survey, found that there are over eight million Americans who are facing morbid obesity. Along with morbid obesity comes a variety of symptoms that can lead to further complications in your body. If you believe that you are morbid obese, you may be at risk for these complications. Deciding to fight your obesity will allow for you to reclaim your health and your lifestyle.

Blood Pressure

There are several types of symptoms that are part of morbid obesity that may develop in your body. These are a result of your body having to take in extra energy to take care of the stored fat that is part of your body.

One of the more common results of morbid obesity is high blood pressure. This may cause you to feel tired a lot of the time and make it harder to function at a higher energy level. This can lead to heart failure if not taken care of, and eventually, death.

Heart Disease

A further symptom that may be part of morbid obesity is heart disease. Strokes are often common as well. For the reason that your body is unable to operate at a high level, it will cause the supplies of blood and oxygen to move through your body at an irregular pace. This usually occurs because of the fatty build-up around your heart and blood vessels. If a stroke occurs, the body will have an inability to have the proper amount of blood moving to the brain.


A third symptom common to morbid obesity is osteoarthritis. This is a joint and bone disorder. It causes the cartilage in between the joints to wear away, causing bones and joints to become stiff. The extra weight that is carried on these joints causes the cartilage to wear away faster, making your body ache constantly.


One of the symptoms that are often overlooked in association with morbid obesity is the psychology that is involved with it. Depression often becomes a part of being overweight. Lower self-esteem as well as the inability to want to function in everyday life is common among those who have weight problems.

Having long term weight loss if you are morbidly obese is difficult. Because your body is used to functioning with the extra weight, it makes it harder to begin to change the weight.

Exercising is often times difficult because of the amount of extra weight. You may also have problems with changing your diet because your body is used to having the extra food.

If you have the symptoms of being morbidly obese, then it is important to get them taken care of before the problems worsen. If you are unable to take care of the problems through either changing your dietary habits or through weight loss surgery, then the problem with morbid obesity could lead to hospitalization or death.

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