Modified trucks ‘rolling coal’ to purposefully anger environmentalists [VIDEO]

For years, environmentalists have hated on Hummers and other irresponsible, gas-guzzling vehicles. Now, a group of truckers are evidently fighting back against the movement to lower carbon emissions, rigging their vehicles to purposefully emit higher levels of smog into the atmosphere.

According to a report from WSB-TV Atlanta, this pursuit is known as “rolling coal” and is used to shoot plumes of smoke at “small-car driving liberals.” The truckers who partake in rolling coal are apparently fearful that any movement to protect the environment will threaten their right to drive gas-guzzling, diesel-fueled vehicles around freely. Hence, they are fighting back.

So how does it work? Apparently, those interested in rolling coal either take their truck to a mechanic or alter the engine themselves, with the goal being to hoodwink the system into thinking it needs to use more gas than it actually does. In other words, these people are actively tricking their trucks into wasting fuel. When the trucks are burning more fuel than they need, they have to find a way to expel it from the vehicle, which is where the sooty black clouds of “rolling coal” come into the equation.

Supposedly, the vehicular alterations that make rolling coal possible can cost as much as $5,000, meaning that the truckers who do it are not just willfully throwing money away on diesel fuel, but are also burning their savings to make their vehicles more environmentally harmful than usual.

Eventually, the concept of “rolling coal” will likely be banned and turned into a ticketable offense. For now, however, truck drivers are allowed to burn their fuel freely, and it seems as if the inevitable nature of a ban is only fueling the fire. Quite simply, truckers want to “stick it to the man” and roll coal before their liberal enemies make it illegal to do so.