Mirapex Medication for Restless Leg Syndrome

After a diagnosis of Restless Leg Syndrome has been made, take the time with your doctor to design a treatment plan that will work best for you and your symptoms. Medications will sometimes be recommended, these are a few that are now approved for RLS sufferers.

Physical and mental symptoms can also begin to affect you when your legs wont let you rest, in such a case the drug Mirapex could be an option. The US Federal Drug Administration now allows the use of Mirapex for moderate to severe RLS symptoms. It should be used when RLS is the primary condition, it can also be used for the treatment of Parkinsons disease.

While useful for both disorders, those taking it for RLS will take a low dose two and three hours before bed, being sure to take it everyday even when symptoms are not evident. Using your own dosing system may do more damage than good when the desire is comfort.

Intereactions and SIde Effects

Be sure you doctor is aware of any medications you are taking as well as health concerns. Side effects of Mirapex can include feeling drowsy or sleepy, feeling faith and/or dizzy, as well as nausea and headache.

Requip is another of the popular medications for RLS. Requip was the first prescription medication approved by the FDA to be used for RLS, with studies showing a reduction in the symptoms of RLS within two days and offer relief for nine months.

Talk openly with your doctor about your health concerns and any current medications you are taking, as Requip is not for everyone, knowing your history will help your doctor decide if Requip is the right treatment. Side effects may include feeling drowsy or sleepy, feeling faint or nauseous.

Other Medications

Mirapex and Requip are among the top prescriptions at this time, but for some they are not the appropriate treatments, since there is no one drug that works the same for everyone. In cases such as this doctors may turn to a variety of other medications to lessen your RLS symptoms, as medications can work for several disorders when used at different lower doses.

Taking other health conditions into consideration is vital for the doctor to make an appropriate plan and/or if medication can be used. There are also medication that are available for the relief of RLS symptoms, though not specifically intended for this, the upside is they do help lessen symptoms.

Often the first choice is medications meant for the relief of Parkinsons disease symptoms. To help with those with less severe cases doctors may choose to use sleep medications or medication that will depress the central nervous system. These are used mainly to help get a good night sleep, in turn alleviating fatigue and lack of energy.

Dosage will begin at a lower lever and may increase slightly as your doctor sees fit, through taken only when needed. There is also the chance your RLS symptoms when cause by a primary condition, treating that will often resolve the secondary RLS symptoms.