Mini Compressor Nebulizers Convenient

Nebulizers are used to turn liquid medicine into a vapor by pumping air through it. This medicated vapor is then inhaled by the person, which helps alleviate the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases. Standard-sized nebulizers have been commonly used for years, but these are often big, bulky, and powered by electricity, which means an electrical outlet must be available whenever the nebulizer is used.

Because this limits the portability of the standard nebulizer, mini compressor nebulizers have become more and more popular. These small breathing machines run on batteries and often weigh four pounds or less. If you are interested to find out where you can purchase one of these convenient machines, read on to learn more.


The Rite-Neb mini compressor nebulizer can be found online at Care Pathways ( Currently on sale at $30.98, the machine regularly sells for only $34.99. Manufactured by ProBasics, this little nebulizer weighs only four pounds, comes with seven feet of tubing, and has a .6-inch reservoir. The sturdy handle makes this little, lightweight, and very portable machine an excellent choice for adults and children with small hands.

Respironics Mini Elite

Another mini nebulizer, sold by Affordable Medical Supplies, AMSs new Respironics portable Mini Elite compressor nebulizer is offered at $169.95 with free shipping. This high-quality breathing machine can be powered by its own rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, by plugging it into a cars 12V DC cigarette lighter, or by plugging it into a homes household 110V AC wall outlet. Weighing less than 1.4 pounds even with the battery pack attached, this nebulizer comes with a carrying case as well as an instructional DVD.

Mabis, CompAir, Omron, and More

CPAP Station ( offers a large array of nebulizers including both standard-sized machines as well as a good selection of those with mini compressors. In fact, the site advertises “the worlds smallest nebulizer” for $300.00.

There is a mini-comp nebulizer from Mabis Healthcare for $45, the CompAir Elite for $50 from Omron, the Pari TREK compact compressor for $145, and many others. CPAP Station also carries pediatric aerosol masks for childrens nebulizers, peak flow meters, and many other products related to respiratory health care. Additionally, this sites customer service representatives include staff licensed as respiratory therapists.

More About Nebulizers

Many online companies require prescriptions to be faxed before shipment of certain types of nebulizers can be made, so keep this in mind when ordering. Occasionally, used nebulizers can be found online at such places as eBay, but when purchasing any used breathing machine, keep in mind that certain parts, such as tubing, may need to be replaced.

And if used equipment is purchased, make sure you sterilize the mouthpiece properly before use. Also, remember that when using nebulizers, its important to thoroughly rinse out the mouth afterward, especially when using steroids as the vaporized medication. Otherwise, problems such as thrush (an oral yeast infection) can occur.