Miley Cyrus on her late dog Floyd: ‘I really shut down’

Singer Miley Cyrus is still getting over the death of her beloved dog Floyd, who was killed on April 1 by a coyote.

“I have to not make myself sick over it because that’s what I did at first,” Cyrus said Sunday during her Bangerz concert special on NBC. “I loved him so much. I really shut down more than I’ve ever let myself.”

To honor her late dog Floyd, Cyrus and several friends recently had themselves inked with a tattoo of the three-year-old dog encircled by the words: “With a little help from my fwends.”

The “Party in the USA” singer took to Instagram to show of her new tattoo in a series of NSFW photos.

“I still talk about him like he’s here,” Cyrus admitted on Sunday. “So I haven’t really accepted it fully. I think if I do that then he might actually like, go at some point. Which I don’t really want.”

Cyrus still pays tribute to her deceased dog on stage. Hollywood Life says that during the concert Miley held a stuffed version of Floyd on stage as she sang “Adore You.”