Migraines and Hypnosis

If you have ever had a migraine, you know and understand the pain that comes with it. If you have been lucky enough to not have suffered through one, the throbbing, nausea, and visual distortions may be hard for you to understand.

One way that you can cure migraines is through hypnosis. Since the 1800s, hypnosis has been used to treat pain, and has been an alternative to the use of strong prescription drugs and medications.

Causes of Migraine

Medicine has yet to come up with a reason of why some people get migraines, but research suggests that hypnotherapeutic approaches are very useful in their treatment. In order for a treatment to be successful, both the client and the therapist have to understand what a migraine is, what triggers its attacks, and the symptoms that precede an attack happening.

Hypnosis can be used to have control over the body’s functions and responses, in this case the amount of pain a person can endure. Most consider hypnosis to be a trance-like state where the individual can focus and be more receptive to suggestions.

For some patients, hypnosis has been totally successful in alleviating pain, and can be used in substitute for drugs or medications.

Working with the Mind

The mind is the principal cause of migraines, and the body is merely the external evidence of what is going on internally. If someone wants to get rid of migraines, they have to work with the mind to find and change the reasons that are causing the body to react in this fashion.

While this mind and body connection may seem more mystical than scientific, new medical data is supporting the validity of hypnosis. You will need to work with a hypnotherapist to assist you in getting rid of the migraines. You will want someone that you can trust, with experience in the field, and be willing to follow his suggestions.

Using hypnosis to get rid of migraines can help the sufferer take steps to stop a migraine before it starts. Most migraine sufferers are familiar with the symptoms that precede an attack coming on.

Migraine Stages

A victim of migraines is taught to recognize the different migraine stages, and then the hypnotherapist can come up with a plan to target the symptoms at their worst. As the patient relaxes under hypnosis, his or her concentration can be directed somewhere else and the underlying cause can be discovered.

Then this cause can be picked apart and removed from the mind, or at least marked as a trigger for the patient to avoid.

With time, the migraine sufferer can be taught to put him or herself under hypnosis at home when they feel an attack coming on. They can be taught the progressive relaxation techniques themselves, or enlist the help of a recording or other device.

That way, when and if they experience future migraines, they will be able to walk themselves through the steps to alleviating their own pain. While this may take some time to learn the technique, if it means going through life both pain and drug free, it is often worth it.