What is Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a gift of the French to our surgeons. Developed by Michel Pistor in 1952, it serves to inject substances directly under the skin to localize treatment. It is currently used in the treatment of cellulite, where it breaks down the blotchy appearance of the skin.

When used in conjunction with cellulite removal, the injections will serve to treat poor blood circulation and engorged fat cells. As a result, the lumps and dimples caused by cellulite disappear to reveal smooth looking skin. Mesotherapy may also be the answer to ageing, wrinkled skin.

Alternative to Face Lifts

If you shy away from the idea of a face lift, are weary about the dangers of pigmentation change in the wake of a laser dermabrasion, and unsure about chemical peels, then this therapy may be right for you. By directly injecting collagen producing drugs underneath your skin, your face will gently fill out from the inside out, and will give you a healthy, younger appearance, with the only damage to your skin being a tiny pin prick.

Mesotherapy is also used to help patients who have weight loss problems. By directly introducing chemicals that will break down fat below the surface of the skin, diet and exercise may have encountered a new ally in the war on fat. It is imperative to realize, however, that this therapy in connection with diet and exercise is a powerful tool, but instead of these two components of a healthy lifestyle will only be a temporary solution.


Mesotherapy does appear to be the answer to many a procedure that previously required surgery, extensive downtime, and had a long list of possible side effects. What previously required general anesthesia and extensive wound care now only takes a few minutes, a few injections, and nothing more.

Lately there has even been talk to expand the use of this therapy in the treatment of back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even migraines! Perhaps this cosmetic surgeons tool may become the panacea of tomorrow for a variety of illnesses and ailments that have plagued us for decades.

Nonetheless, the future of Mesotherapy in the United States is somewhat uncertain. Even though is has enjoyed a huge popularity in Europe, it does not seem to have caught on in America, quite possibly because the idea of something being too good to be true has become ingrained in our psyche, even more so since the advent of frivolous Internet ads and spam that have promised any number of medicinal breakthroughs only to be later exposed as fraudulent and quite possibly even harmful to you health. It is no wonder then that America is casting a hesitant eye on this treatment that offers so much for so little.

Multiple Treatments?

Of course, a more curious researcher will find that the treatment is not as little as some of its critics may make it appear. As a matter of fact, a number of injections may be required to achieve the desired results. Another reason why Mesotherapy may not be as popular right now as it could be is the fact that nobody really discloses exactly what they are injecting.

Most solutions are combinations of vitamins, drugs, and medicines, and are considered proprietary. For this reason it is rather difficult to qualify or quantify success or failure. In addition to the foregoing, because of the proprietary nature of many injection “cocktails,” allergic reactions or other undesirable side effects may occur but not be properly associated either with the treatment or absence of a substance during the treatment.


Another item to consider is the price tag of Mesotherapy. Injections may run somewhere from $300 to as much as $600 and almost all Mesotherapy providers agree a number of treatments are indicated: usually at least ten, but sometimes as many as twenty. Since the treatments may need to be done one week apart to ensure optimum results, the price tag may be quite staggering!

At this point in time it appears that proponents as well as opponents are quite vociferous in their opinions, and little can be done to sway either side. If you do your research, decide to only visit a physician who is trained and extremely experienced in the administration of the injections, and are willing to incur the costs of having the injections done at a reputable clinic rather than a questionable storefront operation, you may well enjoy the results. Let the buyer beware!