Menopause night sweats may be confusing and upsetting. Can you go from cool to hot in under 30 seconds? Do you wake up during the night feeling like you are on fire? You are not alone; many women suffer from night sweats during pre menopause and menopause.

Night sweats are characterized by a sudden increase in your entire body temperature resulting in you feeling uncomfortable. There are many solutions for night sweats relating to menopause with many of them natural and so very safe. But first, you need to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

Hormone Changes

You already know that during pre-menopause and menopause, there is a decrease in hormones in your body and they often become unbalanced.

This estrogen/progesterone hormone imbalance is what causes night sweats. The good news is it too shall pass, and faster if know how to help balance those raging hormones.

Do not confuse night sweats with fever, which will usually last for a longer period of time. A fever may need immediate medical intervention. If you think you are having night sweats see your doctor to get a confirmed diagnosis and the right help.

Food and Exercise

Did you know that the right foods combined with exercise could help reduce night sweats? No you dont have to run a marathon and you also dont have to live on rabbit food.

But you do need to eat healthy foods and avoid junk food, walk at least 30 minutes a day, stop smoking, and reduce alcohol consumption to get yourself as healthy as you can. That will help you better handle the night sweats.

Its Time to Strip

Next you need to choose the right bedding. In fact this is very important since it is in bed that you get night sweats. Some fabrics like wool or flannel can make night sweat worse. On the other hand, lighter more natural fibers like cotton can actually reduce the number of episodes you have.

Another way to combat night sweats is with layers you can peel off layers of sheets, even layers of PJs. That way you can remove layers as needed. Its also important to choose the right fabric for your pajamas. Cotton will keep you a lot more comfortable.

If you find yourself facing a severe episode of night sweats you can crack open the window for a quick efficient solution, or if there is no window by your bed keep a wet face cloth handy and you can sponge yourself the minute you feel the discomfort coming on. A mister is also a good way to mist your face to help cool you off.

Herbs And Prescription Medications

There are also many herbal remedies on the market that are designed to help combat night sweats leaving you feeling more like your old self. You can check with your doctor or do some research online to learn about a variety of options.

In the most severe of cases you can discuss with your doctor the use of hormone replacement therapy. In the past year there has been a great deal of controversy about using HRT with some studies showing increased breast cancer risks. However, if your night sweats are severe enough the benefits might outweigh the risk. You can talk it over with your doctor.

There are many support groups both locally and online for women going through menopause. These groups have plenty of help and support to offer and not just relating to night sweats.

Its important to know that night sweats during menopause are not dangerous although they can sometimes be a bit scary. They can be controlled with the right preparation. This is a temporary phenomenon that will pass with time. But in the meantime why not be as comfortable as possible.

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