Men and Stretch Marks

Men can also get stretch marks especially athletics if they put on extra bulk through bodybuilding. When men do get stretch marks they are often times covered up by hair so the marks men get are less obvious.

Stretch marks occur in the dermis layer of skin and happen when rapid weight gain stretches this layer causing it to become thinner and more susceptible to tearing. When this layer tears, blood vessels are visible and the mark becomes pinkish red in color. Over time the blood vessels contract and the stretch mark lightens in color to a silvery color. Stretch marks are not harmful to the body or to your skin layer.

Some men are protected from getting stretch marks due to an overproduction of the hormone corticosteroid or at least that is the current train of thought from physicians.

Stretch marks can occur in men who have had a rapid growth such as teens do going through puberty. Those who are in a muscle-building program and have rapid growth can also experience stretch marks.

Treatments for Stretch Marks for Men

Tretinoin creams that are used to treat acne can be effective for stretch marks because they lighten skin color, replace old skin with new skin and they slowing down the way the body removes skin cells that may have been harmed by being exposed to sunlight.

Dermabrasion and laser treatment if done by a qualified cosmetic surgeon can be done to improve the color and skin texture of stretch marks, especially if they are severe.

Men who are embarrassed by unsightly stretch marks should seek treatment to help self-esteem issues and build their self-confidence.


Men can do some things to lessen the chance of getting stretch marks. They can avoid things that will overstretch their skin such as rapid weight loss or gain by making sure they eat sensibly, exercise on a regular basis and drink lots of water. Men can also be aware of skins need for moisturizers.

When participating in sports especially those that build muscles it is important to slowly increase girth to avoid stretch marks. Participating in programs instead of going it alone will help by giving you guidelines for how fast to increase muscle. It is important to consume proper foods that will aid you in your quest and also make sure that you take in an adequate supply of water each day.

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