Hepatitis C and Memory Problems

Amongst the many symptoms of living with the Hepatitis C virus is memory problems. Not all sufferers have this issue to deal with, but most do to at least some extent. Some health care providers call it brain fog, a non-medical term that allows them to pass it off as one of the things one must deal with as an aging problem, perhaps only worsened by the Hepatitis C infection. The term brain fog usually means that someone is suffering from mild confusion, some memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or diminished alertness. There is no confirmed cause for this, but despite its effects a person can live a full life.

Hepatic Encephalopathy

Others will tell you it is likely a reflection of hepatic encephalopathy. This has an unconfirmed cause, though related to hepatitis, and is believed to have its origins in the poisons created by the livers inability to rid itself of the toxins the body produces. One toxin that is believed to be a culprit in this problem is ammonia.

It is definitely toxic to a persons brain and it is known that if there is too much ammonia in a persons blood this can cause diminished brain function and behavioral changes. You must tell your health care provider clearly what your symptoms are since, fortunately, there is medical treatment for this.

Lifestyle Changes

Before deciding if the Hepatitis C virus is the cause of your memory lapses perhaps a quick look at your lifestyle would be in order. There are other conditions that can have the same outcome and so they must be examined first. Get your health care provider to first rule out hearing loss, thyroid dysfunction, and a lack of proper levels of vitamin and minerals or sleep disorders. Also examine your alcohol and drug use. If your health care provider is certain these are not the causes then the Hepatitis C virus is likely at the root of it.


There are two treatment regimes used if Hepatitis C is confirmed as the reason for the onset of memory difficulties. One is mediation based. An antibiotic can be given to help eliminate the bacteria in the gut. By cutting down the bacteria the patient cuts down the amount of work the liver is doing. Diet is the other answer. The patient must cut their protein intake way down. This will also help the liver function.

The other thing recommended is simply to take good care of your body. Eat right; include lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Make sure you dont skip meals. Drink lots of water to assist in cleansing your body, exercise and stay away from all alcohol and illicit drugs. Dont smoke.

Learn to deal with the stress in your life. Dont let it take over. Breathe deeply; remember oxygen is what feeds the brain and so is very important to your mental wellbeing. Keep you mind active. If you are always exercising your mind you will find an improved sense of awareness and better memory function.