Massage Therapy Training

Its true, we all have to work for a living, but with the right skills, you can score a fabulous job in an exciting field, thanks to massage therapy training. If youre not the type of person who can sit at a desk all day and field calls from customers, or if youre not into jobs with no real variety or human interaction, then this could be your calling.

Not only does massage therapy training provide you with the skills to bring about healing and wellbeing for your clients, but it also opens up a range of opportunities that you may not have considered before. Being a massage therapist is not always a matter of treating clients in an office. Once youre trained, you can travel around the world selling your skills.

See the world with your hands

In the same way as nurses and nannies can register with international agencies, so too can people who have undergone massage therapy training. Massage your way around the world! See all the countries youve wanted to visit and earn an income as you go, to fund your travels.

There are agencies that send therapists to peoples homes, hotels or offices to provide massage services and this is an ideal prospect for backpackers or those looking to stay awhile in their chosen location.

Cruises while soothing bruises

All cruise lines offer spa services to their passengers. Massage therapy training will stand you in good stead for a job on a ship sailing the worlds oceans. In-cabin massage or services provided on a ships sunny deck are commonplace in floating hotels. Passengers love to luxuriate beneath the well-trained hands of an experienced therapist. And while theyre enjoying the treatment, you get to enjoy the happy atmosphere and sparkling vistas.

Heal the team

Every sporting team has a supporting team of massage therapists. You can enroll in massage therapy training that specializes in sports therapy and deep tissue massage and offer your skills to teams famous and obscure. If sport is your passion, then getting to be hands-on with the players can be an exciting proposition. Not only do you get autographs, but you get the inside scoop on whats happening. Remember though: discretion at all times.

No last resort

Who would pass up an opportunity to work in a fabulous hotel, spa retreat or vacation resort? Engage in massage therapy training that emphasizes well-being and relaxation and youll be well equipped to knead the cares away of clients who are determined to be putty in your hands. In your down-time, take advantage of the scenery and love your work.

Corporate care

Who better to help increase productivity while calming and relaxing over-worked corporate types than someone who has undertaken massage therapy training? Often, the facilities are of an exceptionally high standard and the perks are fabulous. If the business world appeals to you but you dont want to negotiate deals or figure out bottom lines, then corporate massage therapy is for you.

Fit the role

Offering massage therapy to men and women in fitness training can be highly rewarding. Firstly, these are motivated individuals who enjoy looking and feeling good. Your role, when trained in massage therapy, is to enforce the latter. These people work hard to improve their bodys health, and the relief and enjoyment that comes from your skills is one of the rewards they give themselves. Fitness centers are full of attractive bodies and switched-on people. What a great environment to work in.

Of course, working in fabulous settings and bringing benefits to wealthy, attractive or contented clients is wonderful, but there are also noble applications for your massage therapy training. Hospitals are the perfect environment for someone with a caring nature who likes to assist patients to improved mobility, pain relief and better emotional coping.

Wherever you choose to apply your massage therapy training, remember that theres a whole world of opportunities out there, simply because you have these valuable skills.