Massage Therapy Continuing Education

If only we all invited the benefits of family massage therapy into our lives, we may experience more harmony, improved wellbeing and a gentler sense of spirituality.

For therapists undergoing massage therapy continuing education, there are plenty of courses available that can steer them towards a holistic approach to treating families, from fertility through to baby massage. Specializing in this field can be highly rewarding and incredibly enjoyable as helping a family to create a wholesome environment from one life stage to another is like being a part of the family itself.

Fertility Massage

There are massage therapy continuing education classes that teach therapists how to work with couples who are experiencing infertility. A fertility massage course instructs the therapist in subjects such as colon cleansing, Chinese concepts on reflexology for hormonal balance, how to choose the moment for conception, common sense sexuality, cranial sacral massage and more.

Rather than being purely hands-on, it helps the therapist to understand and then impart his or her knowledge to the clients about how the body and mind need to function together to create life. Such a course can be conducted over a single day and counts as 7 credit hours.

Maternal Nurturing

For those who yearn to work with expectant mothers, a massage therapy continuing education course aimed at maternal nurturing is the way to go. It is a one-day class that counts as 24 credit hours. It instructs students on full body pregnancy massage, fertility massage, prenatal and couples yoga, pregnancy and birth anatomy and physiology, massage to assist the mother during labor and childbirth, postpartum massage and newborn massage.

This massage therapy continuing education course also provides essential tools on marketing, ethics and resources. Expect to pay around $500 for the course itself. Students can elect to complete an additional 6-hour certification course for an extra fee.

Baby Massage

A 32-credit hour massage therapy continuing education course exists that is designed to teach therapists baby massage. It includes specialty subjects on treating babies who are at risk or who have special needs. Students are taught how to read infant cues and how to accommodate a babys sensory system as opposed to an adults.

Not only does this massage therapy course train therapists in baby massage but also teaches them how to pass on their skills to parents so that they can apply the skills to their own infant. This is essential for families dealing with infants who have been diagnosed with health challenges such as autism or Downs Syndrome, or who have physical issues arising from positioning in the womb or method of delivery.

Pediatric Massage

Massage therapy continuing education classes in pediatric massage count as 14 credit hours and run over two days. Such a course is designed to help therapists who would like to work with children, learn how to make massage fun and to help the child to not fear treatment, especially if they are experiencing pain.

For children who have been injured or who have physical disabilities, massage therapy can be a vital part of their development and ongoing health. Students are taught how to perform basic pediatric massage techniques and how to customize them for individual patients, and also how to communicate with child patients to better perform treatment on them.

Family massage therapy begins at fertility and continues through to geriatric massage. Choosing a massage therapy continuing education course is easy because each course is designed for the various life stage of the family and the therapist can select their choice.