Massage Therapy and Bodybuilding

The benefits of therapeutic massage and bodybuilding are that the recipient will feel relaxed, an improvement in circulation and relief from muscle tension. It can help with improved flexibility of muscles and any soreness or stiffness. It can also help in the recovery time in between workouts. It can also enhance your performance.

Those who are in to bodybuilding believe in general that they should be committed to living a healthy life that includes a regularly scheduled workout, taking bodybuilding supplements, eating nutritious meals and snacks geared towards a healthy body structure and enhancing their muscles through proper training, relaxation and muscle building workouts.

Blood Circulation

Therapeutic massage helps them to achieve the relaxation and enhanced body structure that comes from proper blood circulation. A massage can help to relieve muscle tension, muscle pain and muscle spasms. It can also release endorphins that help with headaches, body aches and releasing of toxins that build up in muscle and skin tissue.

Massage can aid the body to not only release toxins but improve lymphatic circulation that can help reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. There are 4 types of massage that can aid in these issues. They are deep tissue massage, Shiatsu that is an oriental massage, Swedish massage and the Sport massage which is done right after or before the workout to improve flexibility and eases any muscle strain.

Joint Problem Avoidance

Those of us who are sports enthusiasts or who do bodybuilding know that part of the price we pay for the active lifestyles we live is that osteoarthritis can set into the joints of our bodies. Therapeutic massage can help us to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis so that it does not have to curtail the activities that we love to participate in.

We know that we push our bodies to the limit everyday and expect our bodies to “take it”. Sometimes our bodies do as we ask and sometimes they revolt with pain and stiffness. Massage can help increase the blood flow to the affected joint and relieve our symptoms at the same time giving us better flexibility.

Sport Injuries

Some of the sport and bodybuilding injuries that are seen by massage therapists are those caused not only by pushing to the extreme limits of our bodily capabilities but those caused by single repetitive motion. Such injuries involve dislocations, sprained joints, pulled muscles, torn ligaments and cartilages, and also muscle tissue injury.

These injuries over time and contribute to the onset of arthritis. The long-term condition is called “osteoarthritis”. Every sport or bodybuilding participant should be made aware of their risk for osteoarthritis and should take measures now to protect their joints and muscles from injury sustained during their activities.

One way to help prevent injury is to properly prepare your body for the strain it is put through during workouts. Massage is one way to help prepare your body and to get it in top performing condition.

Once osteoarthritis sets in symptoms such as joints that ache in cold or rainy weather, gait changes and range-of-motion limitations may be experienced.


Prevention is the key to stop osteoarthritis from occurring in your athletic body. Those who are already suffering from joint or muscle pain and stiffness need to especially care for their body before, during and after workouts.

Treatments that may benefit bodybuilders include massage therapy, moist heat, paraffin dips for hands and techniques designed to relieve stress and strain on joints.

Massage is not recommended for severe stages of osteoarthritis it can be very beneficial when there are NO symptoms of inflammation or acute pain.

What deteriorates the arthritic joint the most is misuse of it due to pain or inflammation. To care for the athletic joint, it is wise to prevent and maintain range of motion while enjoying your bodybuilding workouts. Massage therapy allows you to address any pain management needs and improve your ability to maintain healthy muscles and joints.

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