Most of us are familiar with high blood pressure but the term malignant high blood pressure is likely not as recognizable to most of us. Yet it is important that you can recognize this serious condition.

Malignant hypertension is caused when you have a severe rise in your blood pressure and it wont come back down to its normal range. This means that the diastolic blood pressure jumps up over 120mm Hg. Why this happens isnt yet understood but what is understood is the seriousness of it.

Risk Factors

If you are of African origin, if you smoke, or if you have high blood pressure, you are much more likely to suffer from malignant hypertension. There is no age that is immune to this condition including children.

Controlling malignant high blood pressure is difficult, but if it is not brought under control it will damage vital organs such as the brain, heart, or kidneys. It will also damage the blood vessels.


If you find yourself with malignant high blood pressure, chances are there are some definite symptom complaints you might have. For example, vomiting and headache are two very common symptoms. You might also find yourself urinating much less, and often there are strange feelings on the arms and legs. Blurred vision is another common symptom.

Other malignant hypertension signs include having chest pain, breathing problems sometimes with cough, poor concentration, and weakness. It is very important that you see your doctor if you suffer from any of these symptoms. Left untreated the consequences could be deadly.


When your doctor looks to treat malignant hypertension he or she will proceed with care lowering your pressure slowly. Thats because if your blood pressure is reduced too quickly you could suffer serious effects. You might be surprised to know that it as serious to decrease the high blood pressure too fast as it is to not treat it at all.

Once you are diagnosed with malignant high blood pressure and treatment is started it may take a while to get things under control. This is actually a condition where the line between life and death is very narrow so make sure you get treatment as soon as possible if you think you might have this condition.

Many times people suffering with malignant hypertension find themselves in the hospital in the ICU or Cardiac ward. In fact until the condition is brought under control hospitalization is necessary. An intravenous line is used for both fluids and medicines.

Those medications include nitroglycerin, nitropurusside, fenoldopam, beta-blockers such as metoprolol, esmolo, labetalol, and a host of other drugs. You will likely be given a cocktail of drugs that are designed to work together to bring you out of the danger zone.

If you are diagnosed with this condition, your doctor will refer you off to a Cardiologist to help determine the right mix of medicines for you. Expect to be in the hospital for a while. The worst part is feeling not really sick, yet being stuck to all that equipment. It can be rather frustrating.

But then again isnt your life worth a little time out to get your malignant high blood pressure under control? Its the only way youll live a long life!

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