Male Contraceptive Pill

What would you do if your boyfriend told you that you never had to take the Pill again? If he said no more IUD, diaphragm, spermicide, injections or whatever else you used.

How would you react if he told you that here was a new kind of contraception made for men and he was willing to use it? This new pill, designed for men, is taken shortly before a man has intercourse. It renders him infertile for several hours.

Men in Control

Men are cheering this discovery. It enables them to be more involved in contraception without having to resort to the daily pills that women take. Most men are afraid of that choice. They claim that it has more chance of affecting their health or their masculinity in some detrimental way.

This alternative needs only to be taken before the man goes out on a date. Then he and his lover are protected for that night from any risks of pregnancy. This contraceptive pill works by preventing ejaculation.

The High Blood Pressure Connection

The idea first presented itself to researchers when they noticed that certain medications that were used to treat hypertension, also called high blood pressure, and schizophrenia seemed to prevent ejaculation.

These drugs were not useable as contraceptives because of potential side effects. So studies were done to determine what factors in these medications worked as a contraceptive and to separate them out.

This pill is in the trial stage now, so far with good results, and the expectation is that it will be available for use within around five years- around 2012 or so.

What Do Women Say?

The reaction of women has been different from that of their male counterparts. It has always been the role of the woman to take care of birth control issues. The number of men who carry that load is quite small. Women see this as an opportunity for men to continue to be irresponsible.

What if they forget to take the pill? Women who are on the Pill take it daily as part of a routine. If they forget they risk an unwanted pregnancy. Many of them think that men will not take it seriously enough because it is not them that risk getting pregnant. They see this as risky.

Researchers who promote this as a step forward in the contraception field hope that women are wrong. They also hope that women will give their lovers a chance to use this product, understanding the benefits of not having to shoulder the birth control issue themselves any longer. They will not be disappointed. As news of this discovery spreads some women are speaking out and praising the discovery.

But others are concerned that this new pill for men will see a rise in sexually transmitted diseases as men no longer use condoms for protection. It seems that no matter what step is made forward in contractive methods somewhere someone finds a problem that it may cause. That is not to say that controlling the spread of STDs is not important. It is, but remaining monogamous would help that issue.