Male Breast Reduction Surgery

With the several types of cosmetic surgery that are being implemented is also a procedure for male breast reduction. This specific procedure allows a male to get the chest area flatter which will then allow them to work with the muscles and add tone. Male breast reduction may be a result from problems with weight or a birth defect. If you have a larger breast as a male, then using cosmetic surgery as an alternative can help you to look, feel and function better.


Male breast reduction is also known as gynecomastia. This procedure allows men who have breasts in the chest area to get the extra tissue removed. Two major procedures can be used to reduce males breasts; both will provide a new and improved look.

With both procedures, an anesthesia is given to erase pain. The first method that is used is to create an incision in the chest area. Extra glandular tissue will then be cut out of the area. The chest will be stitched together, leaving the chest flat. The second method that is used is liposuction. With this procedure, a small incision is made. A tube is then moved into the incision and is used to vacuum out fatty pads, which will eliminate the breast area.

After Surgery

Both of these male breast reduction surgeries are usually only one hour-long. You will only have to stay in the hospital until the anesthesia wears off. You will have gauze around your chest area to make sure the chest area doesnt move and continues to heal. This should stay on for the first week. After this, you will have the stitches removed and can go back to normal functioning.

Directly after the surgery, you can expect to have bruising, swelling, and numbness from the stress of the operation. There may also be burning from the incision that was made and the fatty pads or tissue that was taken out. However, these are temporary, can be calmed with pain medications, and should be gone after a few days. Some smaller areas may still have some bruising or swelling after three months as the area tries to heal.

Risks and Side Effects

Knowing whether male breast reduction will work for you also means knowing the possible risks that are associated with it. Infection is one of the side effects that occur. There may also be a risk of having an asymmetrical form after the surgery if the same amount of tissue or fat wasnt taken out of both sides. Scaring or a change in the color of your chest area may also result because of the incisions and stress that was part of the procedure. However, these are rare side affects from the surgery.

If you have male breasts from a birth defect or from problems with being overweight, then you can consider cosmetic surgery procedures to look more masculine. Through the two surgeries offered, you can make sure that you look and feel better about your chest.