Make Up for Rosacea

If you suffer from the embarrassing skin problem rosacea, then you are likely to try to find any product that you can to cover up the problem resume should often make sure face red and can cause you to break out in small pustules. This can be very irritating and embarrassing when you go out in public.

The problem however, is that for some rosacea patients, many over-the-counter lotions, creams and makeups may actually make your rosacea outbreaks worse. So the question becomes, should you try to cover up your rosacea or not?

Covering up your Rosacea

If you are suffering from a serious outbreak then it may be better to use your prescribed medication or natural remedies that you normally use to heal your skin and not put on any make up. However, there are times when you want to cover the redness on your skin. Inexpensive make ups may make your problem worse. As any rosacea patient will tell you, your skin can dry out. It can also burn, itch and feel irritated overall. The good news is that there are make ups that you can safely use when you need to cover the redness caused by your rosacea.

How to Cover Rosacea

The first thing you should know is that you should invest in some good quality makeup to help you cover your rosacea. Liquid make ups and make ups that are marketed for dry skin work very well on rosacea patients. In addition, you will want to stay away from makeup that has fragrance or any make up that contains talc. Try a hypoallergenic makeup or mineral makeup, which will work with your skin and promote healing. Use a good moisturizer before you apply any makeup and this can help your skin.

Cover up makeup also works quite well to hide the redness on your skin. Any makeup that has a green or a yellow base will literally cover up all the redness. There are many brands of makeup that make special powders and cream cover ups that are yellow or green in tint. Pink-based makeup will only exaggerate the redness of your skin and you will not achieve the look that you want when suffering from a rosacea outbreak.

When you decide to wear makeup while you are suffering from rosacea, you should also be aware that sunscreen should be a factor in deciding what type of makeup and facial products you will buy. Rosacea patients are usually very fair skinned and sun exposure can make your rosacea worse. You want to stop this by making sure you apply a good quality product that contains sunscreen.

There are many different brands of makeup on the market today that contain sunscreen or SPF protection right in the makeup. These are excellent for rosacea patients. Even creams and lotions that you put on your face at night and in the morning can contain sunscreen and SPF protection. Read the labels carefully as you shop for makeup and lotions and make sure that you are buying the best that you can for your rosacea outbreaks.

You can wear makeup when you suffer from rosacea, and many make ups can help you look your best, even when you feel like you are at your worst.