Why I Love my Aylio Exercise Bands

Last summer I was doing the 100 sit-ups challenge. Every day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes after work, I’d do four sets, adding one or two reps to the third or fourth set. After the third week I am up to sets of 25 reps, which I was kind of amazed at considering that starting out I couldn’t even manage ten.

So this one night into the third week I’m getting into my reps, looking forward to adding a couple more, or maybe even 3. I remember it being a really hot, muggy day. Maybe (probably) I was on the wrong side of dehydration.

Time for rest, then I start again. Up goes my head and my back and then I feel it. That sharp pop of pain between my neck and shoulder blade. I pulled a muscle in my upper back. Again.

Photo By UC Physiotherapy

This time I dont mess around. I get up and call my friend Kate, the physiotherapist, for an appointment.

Long story short, after my muscles have unknotted a couple weeks later, Kate gives me some exercises to do. But instead of weights, she wants me to work out with elastic exercise bands.

I’m sceptical. Not really my thing, I like feeling real weights. But, hey, Doctors orders, so I go and buy a set online. When the package arrives, I can’t believe how light the box is. Did they forget to put my order in it or what?

Nope. Bands are light – real light. And portable. And don’t take up much space in my basement gym. They travel pretty good.

And they work pretty darn good for giving your arms and shoulders a nice gentle workout if you know how to use them.

So. What’s not to love?

About the elastic bands I bought, which are made by a company called Aylio.

They are apparently one of the bestselling products in the leg and arm fitness category at Amazon. My guess is the Aylio 3 Loop Bands are getting bought for a couple of reasons.

First off, the flat band design means you can simply roll them up and store them just about anywhere. Did I mention they were light?

The low price makes them work in just about anyone’s budget and they have a lifetime guarantee, so if you break them- which you won’t- no problem.

These 10″ x 2″ closed loop bands were designed by Aylio for rehab exercise, but they are also great for trimming and toning problem areas like hips, thighs and upper arms.

Kate says that other clients of hers have told her how well these resisting bands have complemented their Insanity, TapouT XT, or Turbo Jam DVDs. They also go good with Pilates, yoga and barre exercises.

These professional grade bands hold their elasticity for years. As I found out, they are perfect workout equipment for rehabilitation and physical therapy, especially providing excellent recovery benefits after shoulder strain, MCL and ACL tears and knee replacement.

The Aylio 3 Loop Bands are color coded blue, red and green for the different resistance levels they have.

Check out some of the instructions and exercise suggestions posted on YouTube and elsewhere online.

Top photo by US Army