LG makes big plans with AT&T for ‘Smartwatch’

Get ready Dick Tracy fans, for your time has finally come! AT&T Inc. has announced that it will be the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to sell the newest LG Electronics’ “G Watch”, a wristwatch that will allow users to connect to their Android phones, while having the phone hidden away in a purse or pocket. The announcement comes as demand for more wearable devices begins to surge.

The specifications are impressive. The new LG “G  Watch” will carry a 1.65 inch display screen that will deliver notifications customers receive on their Android phones. Compatible with Android 4.3, it will also wirelessly connect to calendars and applications through voice commands. A 400mAh battery will support the Android Wear device through a full day, while dust and water resistance will keep users connected to their smartphones, even if the device is not nearby. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor with a 1.2GHz CPU will be supported by 4GB of internal memory.

“Because the LG “G Watch” works with so many of our Android smartphones, it should be a wearable device that appeals to a wide array of consumers,” Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of devices at AT&T, said in a statement. “Its ability to anticipate your schedule and traveling needs will help you plan your schedule more efficiently while on-the-go.”

The announcement also comes as rumors swirl about the specifications on Apple Inc’s smartwatch, which has yet to be announced, but is expected as early as October. The LG “G Watch” which was made in partnership with Google Inc, will sell for $299 and available for pre-orders starting July 8, and goes on sale on July 11.