Lasik Surgery Problems

There are many instances of people having lasik surgery problems that show that not everyone wakes up with perfect vision after having had lasik eye surgery. Some patients reveal that they had lasik surgery problems for several days after the surgery and felt double vision for a couple of weeks thereafter.

It was not possible for such patients to view their computer screens for a number of weeks and the end result was being significantly under-corrected. There were also other lasik surgery problems felt after surgery such as dryness of the eyes as well as needing to wake in the night and put in drops.

Problems that Lasted 5 Months

Take the case of a 42 year woman who had Lasik surgery problems. She had conventional lasik surgery in June 2004 and had opted for monovision. However, she did not like it as it was very disorienting.

Then, in September of the same year she went in for wavefront lasik enhancement and the following day, her vision was 20/20. However, lasik surgery problems began appearing in the first week following surgery and there was a lot of strain to the eyes and she could not see things that were close to her and she had trouble focusing her eyes.

The lasik doctor told her she was +1 hyperoptic and was a normal part of the healing process that would heal itself soon, but this lasik surgery problem made the strain on her eyes unbearable and kept her awake at night.

The good news was that it took about three weeks before her near vision returned and the strain to the eyes lessened. After several weeks, this lasik surgery problem went away and she now has 20/20 vision even though it took almost five months to achieve.

Other Problems

Some other common lasik surgery problems are feeling dizzy and also having blurred vision, at first. However, under normal circumstances the correct vision should return the same day or by the following morning, at the very least. Other lasik surgery problems are feeling some discomfort immediately following the lasik surgery and it may feel as if there is something in the eye.

It is often very difficult to resist the urge of rubbing ones eyes but care should be taken not to touch the eyes until the flap has healed itself. In addition, there are some restrictions after lasik surgery and these include not using eye make-up for two weeks, not playing sports for a month and not to swim or take hot baths for two months.