What Is Laser Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is basically a simple operation that makes a man unable to biologically father a child. What is done is simply the cutting or blocking of the vas tubes, which the sperms travel through, so that sperm cannot pass through them anymore, and the mans ejaculation will contain purely semen so that he will not be able to make a woman pregnant. In short, it is an operation which blocks the tubes that the sperm pass through into the semen.

All of this information is more commonly known, but what about the laser vasectomy that is now the preferred one over the traditional incision way of vasectomy. What is a laser vasectomy?

Laser vasectomy

This is the same vasectomy surgery, the only difference being that it is done using laser treatment as the cutting medium. This laser treatment, which is pretty new in the medical industry, has a very good appeal over any other type of vasectomy procedures.

Laser, as we know, is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This stimulated emission of radiation has been used in many other medical situations to cure many types of diseases such as kidney stones, cancer, skin lesions, retinal disorder, prostate diseases, bladder tumours, and many more.

Procedures of a laser vasectomy

This vasectomy through is done by opening a small hole to expose the vas tube. This is basically because a laser light cannot pass through opaque tissue without burning a hole in it. This hole is usually done nowadays by using a pointy hemostat or a surgical blade.

The same way surgical scissors are used to divide or cut the tubes, the laser is used the same way, by pointing the beam on the tube. Once the tube is divided or cut, the cut end would be tied just like the traditional way of vasectomy.

Sometimes, a cheaper and faster way of performing a laser vasectomy in many places is done by a different method. The tubes are positioned properly beneath the skin, and the laser beam is used to burn through the skin. Subsequently the laser beam divides or cuts the tube just like in the normal laser vasectomy.

This method is more dangerous than the standard one, but some doctors in many places still practice it. It is more dangerous because the laser blindly burns through the skin, and flesh beneath the skin will cut across the nerves and the blood vessels around the area, and this can lead to more complications if the whole method is not done the proper way.

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