Laser Hair Removal Machine Tips

In our efforts to remove unwanted hair we subject our bodies to a number of methods and techniques. Some of those procedures include the shaving of our hair from unwanted places with a razor, using various creams, electrolysis, waxing and even the pulling out of hair through tweezers.

All of these methods are fairly effective. However, there are certain negative side effects accompanying the use of these different techniques. Some of those a harmful occurrences are cuts from razors and various forms of irritation that the skin can experience.

As a matter of fact, there is only one method that will permanently remove hair from unwanted places. That method is electrolysis. However, there are laser hair removal machines that will not only remove the hair, but will retard the growth of hair replacement. Laser treatment may be more to the liking of an individual rather than having electricity applied to your skin through the method of electrolysis.

Before selecting a laser hair removal machine treatment it is important to know how the machine works, what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?

How Does A Laser Hair Removal Machine Work?

A laser hair removal machine needs to be operated by a qualified technician or physician. This machine utilizes a laser which, when generated, pushes light beams into the follicles of the hair. This directed light takes aim on the pigments within the hair. The desired results of damaging the hair follicle is achieved. This laser approach prevents damage from occurring in the surrounding tissue.


There are many advantages when choosing to use a laser hair removal machine. The obvious advantage is the removal of hair. This loss of hair, using this machine, is not a permanent process; however, using a laser hair removal machine prevents the rapid return of hair. In addition, hair that does return is lighter in color with a finer texture.

Another advantage of using the laser hair removal machine is that it is particularly beneficial when removing hair from larger areas of the body. Also, individuals who would be considered as having fair skin, but the growth of dark hair, will benefit from this procedure the most.


As with most products there are disadvantages. Utilization of a laser hair removal machine is no different.

One of the disadvantages are for those individuals who have light hair. This light hair would be defined as the color of gray red or blond. Because of the lightness of the pigmentation, the use of a laser hair removal machine is not as effective as utilizing the process on dark-haired individuals.

In addition, despite any claims to the contrary, the use of laser hair removal machine is not a permanent solution to stopping hair growth. Also, there are many advertisements that would assert that their use of a laser hair removal machine is painless for the patient. If done properly, this assertion is false as there will be some pain involved with the treatment.

However, when done professionally, the clinic will utilize various products to help in cooling the skin after a treatment. These products can include various gels, mists, air, etc.

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